Friday, January 9, 2009

January 9, 2009....the evening edition…

OK, now the details…. First off, I have to give a BIG OLE "thank you" to my local oncologist Dr. Al Weir. He is just a fine person all around and we really appreciate his attentiveness. All week long he has called me (or made me promise to call him) to give him an up to the minute status of how things are working out. His attention to detail has made the switch to Memphis much, much smoother.

If you recall, we recently made a quantum leap in our approach to treatment by deciding to do our treatments here in Memphis instead of Little Rock. As in the past, Dr Barlogie still is in charge of "managing" my case, but the actual treatments themselves will take place here in Memphis.

In Little Rock, everything is on auto-pilot, one goes to see Dr. Bart, then you march down the hall and everyone just knows what to do. Here in Memphis, the drugs are a bit on the fringe, the staff has to “think” about what labs to run. It seems odd to some that we would want to run an MRI after a week of treatment, etc….but basically, the oncology world in Memphis doesn't revolve around Myeloma. In Little Rock, it's all they do and it's second nature to them.

Sooooo... it has taken us this week to get everyone into a groove. Peggy mentioned this in her previous post, but it was almost funny talking to the nurses. They sat down with us to “explain” our drugs, etc. as they read out of book. We would start laughing (just between us of course) because we knew more about the chemo, the side effects, and how often to give the drug, etc. than they did.

Yet we don't consider these issues as important, we both have said more than once how good it is that we are here. It's working out fine. And again, we have Dr. Weir, our family & friends, and our Lord, to thank for the difference.

As for me and my physical condition, I have had a miraculous turn of events. As late as Tuesday evening, I was suffering from extreme pains that were shooting down my leg. Everyone thinks it was/is the cancer pressing on the sacral nerve. There are lesions pressing on the L3-L5 area. But let me tell you, what ever it was/is, when the pain hits, it's like getting shot through the leg with electricity. Ever seen one of those taser videos? Well, I could be on TV with the way I was twisting on that nerve.

I am happy to say that I haven’t had one of those since Thursday…..thank you for your prayers.

I am also now using a walker. I can make it around without it, but "safety first" I always say.

We are getting lots of offers from people that are wanting to provide meals. If you are one of these people, contact Jennifer Young. She's been sweet enough to coordinate this for us and has a schedule so that we don't wind up with too much food and no one to eat it.

Her email address is And thank you in advance!

BTW – I do like fruitcake. If your Aunt Grandie gifted you, then you can re-gift me. I was told that six week old cakes provide extra anti-oxidants and that those are good for my health. Bring em on…..

To top off this week of activities, the Carlton-House Academy of Sciences (CHAOS) started back this week.

We are very happy to report that no one was tardy to home school and that the kids have really stepped it up and got down to business this week. Esp with us gone every day with appointments this has been a big help. I am very proud of my kiddos. They started out on a roll.

We love you guys. Thank you for all you do, and as things roll, we shall carry on.



Anonymous said...

CHAOS--that's a hoot! I love it! :) Um--Frank, where's the email address to sign up for which nights we can come eat dinner with you...haha! Thanks for being you! Love ya! Colleen

Anonymous said...

I check your blog daily (before email and even before Facebook, if that tells you where you fall in line), have never commented but often cry. But I gotta say today you made me laugh at loud...Racquetball after the hospital...really?! Wow I'm so impressed. Remember our house is right next to the hospital so if you're waiting around or can't find parking it's often closer to walk from our house than the parking garage. haha. love y'all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your selves with us through this website. I love that you (Frank and Peggy) write in such a way that that it feels like you are sitting in a room with us and telling about your day. I know it's been said over and over but your family truly is an inspiration to ALL that know you. We Love you more than you know!
The Hillis Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank, Peggy, and Carlton gang. I want you to know that I love all. Kelly gave me your blog spot. I wish so bad I was a miracle doctor and could fix it all but of course I am not. However, God has his own special beautiful way of placing us exactly where we need to be in order to glorify him MORE. I truly believe that our sole purpose is to glorify him. As the beautiful passage you wrote from Psalms 118. I was reading yesterday's writing of Oswald Chamber's "My Utmost for His Highest" and he was expressing that understanding earthly answers and seeking human peace are attainable when through the hurts, scars, and grief we glorify God. It like we don't need answers anymore. The glory of God settles the insecurity. It is an interesting paradox. Christ did that when he was being crucified. I think God wants us to understand his passionate love more and more. You guys have given so many people an opportunity to see your love for God and the glory you give him. I want to tell you thanks so much. I love y'all. Stacy Psalms 91:11