Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Well, Frank got back home tonight from being in Little Rock for a bone marrow biopsy. This is the first time he's ever gone alone for an invasive procedure. It wasn't easy knowing he was going alone, but it just sort of turned out that way. He was brave. That procedure is painful. I will join him next Monday and Tuesday when we return for his CAT scan, PET scan and visit with Dr. Barlogie.

Then he'll return home for his next chemo round. (After fighting with Dr. B about doing it in Little Rock). We just read an article about Dr. B. His Myeloma clinic brings $166 million into the Little Rock area. Amazing. We used to think Dr. Barlogie wanted us in Little Rock because he thought we didn't have IV's in Memphis! Now we know better! JUST JOKING.

We are very blessed to have such a gifted and brilliant doctor in charge of his protocol. But we love our Memphis guy, Dr. Weir just as much.

Chandler was home from school all last week sick, and Chase was home sick this week. And not to leave anyone out, Zach doesn't feel good! We've all been's the winter blues! Frank actually caught the infection this time. It's been over a year and this is the first time he's caught anything from them. Dr. Weir treated him pretty aggressively here and he was back to work in 48 hours.

As always, being at the hospital is an adventure. Frank came home with stories of new people he'd met. Some not responding to treatment. Other new patients with that all too familiar "look" in their eye. It's all just another reminder of how thankful we are that God has allowed Frank's treatments to be so successful. His mission field.

A mom from the kids school is beginning chemo treatments for a new cancer diagnosis. It is amazing how God can bring us through something only to turn around and only hope to be an encouragement to another. I've been reminded of how important it is to give back what God has blessed us with. Zach got a card and wrote a letter to his class mate - the woman's daughter. I was proud of him. It wasn't that long ago that he was hurting so much himself. He wrote the note in private and slipped it in her back pack without ever telling anyone. I know his heart - and I can only imagine what he shared with her.

We still get phone calls and emails asking about Frank. It means so much to us that we aren't walking this journey alone. Your prayers keep us strong. I pray they are keeping you strong too!

Forever grateful, Peggy