Sunday, March 30, 2003


Well, it's late Sunday night. Please join us is praying for our brother-in-law tomorrow. Jim has a CAT scan and PET scan Monday to check for any cancer since his radiation. We are praising God for the healing that has taken place and asking God for good reports that will keep Jim cancer free...forever!

Nausea has been bothering Frank a little over the weekend. He's sleeping a lot due to the medicine. He gets the chemo dc'd tomorrow afternoon, and he's ready for that. Starting Tues. he gets the growth hormone shots to make the stem cells migrate out of the marrow into the blood stream. We are praying that millions of his cells will just move on out!! The goal is 20 million.

It was so wonderful to see the kids over the weekend. We were all together...even with the dog. Having the dog was a little much, but she enjoyed seeing the kids so much she went home with them! Chase had some trouble separating from us, which was very hard on me. We've never been apart for this long. As a special request, I made him a strawberry cake tonight and will overnight it to him in the morning. We talked on the cell phone on the way home and he said he would fax us a picture for our refrigerator.

Your prayers mean so much. This isn't easy, but we feel the presence of the Lord with every step we take. The great news as well as the heart breaks. We praise Him for being our great Physician, Healer, Comforter and friend.

Love to you all, Peggy and Frank

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Good day to you!! We are having a great weekend so far.

Momma met us in Forrest City and we got the children. It was great to see them after 5 days, and even better to touch, hug and kiss them! The week was so busy with projects and events, that I know Momma will enjoy her quiet time. I hope her and Daddy enjoy the weekend.

Frank and I made it to the hospital just in time for his chemo appointment. So while he was getting his bag changed, I took the kids on a little tour and introduced them to the nurses. I think it helped them to see for where we actually go when we leave them, but typical of children their age, playing with the wheelchair became priority!

We ate ribs at Chili's and finished out our evening at the 24 hour Wal-Mart. It's a good thing we are done having children because if I ever had another boy, I'd name him Sam Walton. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have the priviledge of being treated so close to home...besides that, who doesn't love Wal-Mart??

We had a good, sweet breakfast all around the little apartment table. I guess you can tell that I am thrilled to have us all together again. God is good. Our spirits are high. Frank is feeling good with the chemo. No problems. Next week is when his levels drop and he feels tired, so this visit is an answer to prayer in regard to timing.

Thank you for your prayers.
Have a wonderfully blessed day!
Love, Peggy

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Praise God. Today was a great day!

The procedures that were performed on me were ones that I have been very anxious about for a long time. Today I had a second port inserted into my's called a triple lumen catheter. For some reason I have been under the impression that the process hurt and the catheter would be irritating. Well I am happy to admit that I was wrong.

Now I am not saying that the things that were done were fun, but I (we) made the best of it and tried to make everyone else smile. That's how I know.

Later the 4th round of Chemo was hooked up. I'll be carrying it with me in a shoulder pouch everywhere I go for the next 5 days. I've named it Me-Mini. well not really, but I do need a name for my pal. How about you guys posting some suggestions. If one really strikes me I'll get the kids to draw a face and stick it to the side of my bag.

The other cool news is that my tumors/bone lesions are getting smaller and the cancer is still in responding to the Chemo.

We are so very grateful to you all. For your prayers, for the gifts of service and support, for the love, and for being behind us 110% thank you again.

Finally I had a really neat conversation with a man from Kennett MO today. It is always neat to speak with fellow patients and to hear their perspectives. He had attended a support group meeting on Wed. night. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that everyone who spoke, spoke of their faith in God. I immediately thought of the old saying that you don't find atheists in foxholes.

When traumatic events come upon us (as humans) normally we seek God out for comfort and reassurance.
One of my prayers through all this is that as believers, we will learn to rely on Him when times are good. (Psalms 2,3, & 8) As you can imagine I've had a great deal of time to think about my life of 38 years. Something that I regret is that in a way I have taken for granted how truly blessed I am.

As you read this note from me to you, if you have not taken stock of the blessings in your life, don't wait. You never know when you'll step in a foxhole.

Until tomorrow

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Hello All:

Today was one filled with activities. Blood drawn at 8:00am, then X-rays, EKG, psychological profile & assessment (I always flunk that one), bone marrow aspiration (the fun one), and we wrapped up with an MRI.

Peg and I have done the routine enough now that we actually know all the people in the departments. Having familiar faces to speak with, sort of takes the edge off the inconveniences of being here.

While doing our tasks for the day we met people from Tampa FL, Nashville, Richmond Virginia, North Carolina, Kennett MO, and Louisville KY. I even met a Myeloma patient that was younger than me - 36. That was a surprise.

Well Wednesday is day 2, just a few things on the agenda. We are both feeling great and ready for what happens next.

Thank you for your prayers. God has given us both a real sense of peace about this trip. He is faithful!


Sunday, March 23, 2003

Loved ones,

Today was absolutely gorgeous, making it difficult to stay indoors and we didn't! The boys went to the park and played baseball, and Chandler rode her bike with me while I jogged.
Frank and I leave tomorrow for Little Rock. We have to be at the hospital at 7:30 for a long day of tests. The good news is he only has one appointment Wednesday morning, and then the rest of the day off. He starts chemo on Thursday after seeing the doctor.

Thank you all for keeping up with us and praying for us. Right now we are praying for these things:

1. That Frank would stay free from infection ( he gets a new triple lumen catheter for thischemo that stays in until collection)
2. That his body would respond to the protocol as planned with God's perfect timing in regard to each new phase.
3. That mom and the kids would have a sweet and safe time together.
4. That God would be glorified in this process.

The address there is:
Frank Carlton
c/o Eagle Hill Apartments
2 A Eagle HillLittle Rock, AR 72210
501-407-9857 (our apt)

Talk to you guys soon, Peggy

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Today I would like to wish my mom, Frances, and my wife, Peggy, a very Happy Birthday.

Both of these very special ladies are 29 years young and holding!

Love Frank :o)

Monday, March 17, 2003

Hello loved ones! We hope this finds you happy and healthy...and wearing green.

We've been gone for spring break. My brother-in-law's family graciously opened up their home to us in Florida. We enjoyed the warm sun, and the beautiful ocean. It had been so gloomy here for so long! Just being in the sunshine was like medicine for us all. We darted over to Orlando to visit family before coming home Saturday. We are so very thankful for that blessing!!!!

I'm ready for summer now, spoiled by the weather. As I unpacked today, I switched out summer and winter clothes - which means it'll be cold again next week! Does that happen to anybody else?

Frank had a good week. He's still adjusting his medicine a bit. After a few days, he quit one of his pills and was a new guy (actually the ole' guy) by mid-week. He still has his cough and just started running a low grade fever tonight. We stay in close contact with Little Rock, and he goes for blood work tomorrow. Please pray the fever will go away and he'll get rid of the cough.

We leave March 24 for Little Rock. This is the first 3-4 week stay for the Stem Cell Collection. Please pray for us and the children during this time. The separation is longer than we've ever had before. As a mom, I'm sure it's "hurting me more than it's hurting them". I am praying that is true!

Our hope is to see them on the weekends. We're not making any plans too far in advance, rather seeing how Frank is feeling day by day. Pray also for Nana - for her strength.Frank is resting - gargling salt water ~ but sends his love to all.

Have a wonderful day!! Peggy

Thursday, March 6, 2003

HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to Chase!

He's so excited ~ and we are too! We all woke him up singing, and then surprised him with donuts. Chandler told him he wouldn't really be 7 until 2:51 pm, which had him a little concerned. But Daddy reassured him it would be his birthday all day long. Whew! Big sister can tease with confidence because she was born at 3am! Zach and Chase have been wrestling and rolling around for days. Male bonding ~ nothing like it.

Frank's levels have recovered and he's off the shots. He's responded well to all the treatments thus far. Now, we are trying to wrap our thoughts around the next trip to Little Rock. We leave March 24 for 3-4 weeks, where they will collect his stem cells. All of this is overwhelming and an adjustment, of course, with emotional highs and lows, but overall I think Frank's doing great. Frank has always had a positive disposition, and I continue to be amazed at his strength.

Psalm 46:1 My prayer for he and I is that we will not worry these next 2 weeks. Rather, plan and prepare the best we know how and fully rely on God's promises for the the rest. looks easier on paper! This is a challenge indeed. But the fight is not ours.

Thank you for your prayers.I am thankful for the hope we have in our Lord.Love to you all, Peggy

Monday, March 3, 2003

We are enjoying reading the guestbook!! If we're missing the good stuff because of the letter limit, email us!

We don't want to miss what you have to share.Frank is doing well, but his white count is under 500. This was expected ~ a normal reaction to the chemo. He gets a shot everyday to help these levels recover quicker. He is more at risk, so our prayers are focused on keeping him free from infection.

The children are well. That is answered prayer.Our women's leader at church puts together verses so that the woman's bible study group is praying in unity. I thought I would share them with you, too.

God is so wise. His plan for His Holy Spirit and the body of believers is so awesome. He is enough. His word is enough.

Frank and I are thankful for you. We are overwhelmed with deep emotion because of the love and care we feel from others.

Thank you for your prayers! Love, Peggy