Friday, October 1, 2004

WOW it has been 8 months since our last posting, sorry about that.

Last month I typed a short note into the guest book explaining that there simply wasn’t any remarkable news to report. I was shocked that 2 people replied within a few hours. I guess we’ve left a bunch of people in the dark. Again, sorry!

I am happy to report that Peggy and I have just returned from Little Rock (Oct 1) and Dr Barlogie gave me a great report. I am still in remission, I have no identifiable infections, my bone lesions are healing – in some instances the lesions are no longer visible on the MRI, and I have been cleared for the LAST round of Chemotherapy.

It’s a little surreal to even make that statement. The Chemo starts on Monday, runs through Friday, and I’ll be worthless (more) for a few days after that, but all in all these last treatments haven’t been that bad.

We have been fighting this disease for almost 2 years. It has been a long, hard road, but I have no regrets.

I am grateful to all of you that prayed for us, I am grateful that God heard our cries and said that I could stay, and I am grateful that this “event” can and has been used to glorify our Savior.

Speaking of that charge, recently both Peggy and I have had “formal” opportunities to share how God has lead us through the valley.

Peggy, along with her mom, spoke to the Women’s Ministry at our church last month. It was a very moving event. Their presentation was titled, “The Blessing of the Thorn.”

As usual, I cried. I’ll see if I can coax her into sharing her notes here on the website.

This past Wednesday I had a chance to share my testimony, or better stated, the testimony of Christ’s faithfulness to me during this fight.

Our class is studying Philippians this semester, and we are in the first chapter. It is easy to draw strength from Paul’s writings since while in prison he wrote about having JOY.

Our topic that night was Having JOY in Spite of our Circumstances. Paul writes in Phil1:12 “Now I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has actually resulted in the advancement of the gospel.”

Well that’s how I feel about it too!
Wednesday, I took the opportunity to share with everyone that God is real, that He loves us, and that He will always be with His children no matter what. How Cool is That!

In addition, the family and I are trying to launch Beautiful Featz Ministries!

Basically it’s about encouraging more Christians to get involved in the community. I’ll have to do a formal write up when more pieces of the puzzle get in place.

John 5:24