Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I'm Home!

My Dr.'s looked me over one more time on Tuesday then told me to go home. I have a terrible rash and am still running a low grade fever, but since there are no other symptoms they said go.This marks an end to the most aggressive parts of my treatment. To tell you the truth, the hardest part of all this has been the separation from family and being connected to life. The time away will be minimal from now on.

Phase 2 of treatment will include chemo every 3 months for the next year.
Regardless, I plan on growing my hair back. I don't like having a cold melon in the winter.

Thank you to everyone that has been sending me notes, well wishes, and prayers. Your strength has kept me sane.

Praise to God for His mercy.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Well, here we sit (in Little Rock) waiting for some answers.

I was supposed to be "paroled" on Friday, however a persistent fever has kept us here. No one wanted to take a risk (including me) by letting me go home and possibly get sicker.

I have an appointment first thing Monday. All my vitals will be evaluated and a course of action will be decided on.

The good news is I haven't broken 101 today. If I can maintain the low grade maybe, just maybe, I can come home.

Personally, I think I received the curse of the Frenchman when I tried to challenge his recovery record weeks ago. Jacque whereever you are...I apologize.

My smiling face will be back soon, just not soon enough.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Dear Father in Heaven:

I have cried out and thrown myself down for your mercy...You gave it without measure.
In my sin I doubted that miracles still happen...You delivered me despite my smallness.

There have been times that I have chosen the path of isolation, which leads to the pit...You sent Your Saints to my rescue.

I have endlessly worried about my wife and my children...You told me to trust in You.
We walked to the edge of what is called this life, and You said it is not time to go.

Thank you Lord Jesus for all of these blessings! Frank

Friday, October 10, 2003

Hi, everyone.

Well, the boys and I arrived in Little Rock late last night. Zach's soccer game was rained out, so we decided to go ahead and get on the road, pulling in around midnight. They are on fall break, and we'll be spending the long weekend with Daddy. Chandler left on Wednesday to visit her friend in Kansas City. She is having a blast, but it's very different without her here. Please pray she has a safe trip and good flight Sunday.

Frank is beginning to run fever. He's run low grade all week, but only at night. We have IV antibiotics he is supposed to hook up if it goes over 101. It's mid-day here and his last temp was 100.7. We are watching him closely.

His blood levels dropped again yesterday, so we haven't gotten word that he's "on the way up" yet. We are hoping it's soon. Frank did mention today that his chances of beating the Frenchman are fading, but he's handling it well. Being a Mississippi State fan has gotten him used to this sort of disappointment.

He's also developed the mouth sores that the chemo is famous for leaving behind. Although he doesn't feel as good as he did a few days ago, he is still doing very well overall. These side effects are yucky indeed, but are not unexpected. Frank is more than halfway done, and he's hanging in there beautifully.

Chase is also doing well. He had some tests run Thursday on his kidneys. They found out he has low grade reflux. The pediatrician hasn't gotten back with us about what we should do about these results. But we are very thankful it's nothing serious. He was a brave little boy during his tests, and I was grateful that I was there to comfort and love on him.

As I'm typing this Frank just got word about his lab values. It looks like he's coming up!! Yeah! His white count went from 0.3 to 0.5. Maybe he's made the turn. His platelets are 20. Please pray that won't get any lower. Last time he had to have a transfusion of platelets when the level went to 14. We don't want him to have blood products if he can help it.
His CRP level is an indicator of infection. It was high. So also please pray that God would heal any infection brewing and the fever would go away!

Thank you for keeping up with our family and Frank's progress. We are so thankful for your prayers.

We would love to know who "you" is though. Sign the guestbook and tell Frank hi! There's not much to do here, he'll enjoy reading it.

Isaiah 12:2 Behold, "God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid."

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Life in Little Rock has been slow and uneventful. Praise God for that.

I have had very few problems physically, except the constant fatigue. I had to take a 2 hour nap after making the trek to the hospital today. It amazes me how a few ounces of chemicals can make such and impact on ones body. I ran a 5K race on Saturday the 27th. Now I can't walk to the car without feeling it!

For any of you that might possibly be interested, here are the numbers:
White Count .02;
Red Count 3.60;
Hematocrit 32.8;
Platelets 20.
I hope that's the bottom, I'm getting tired just looking at them.

I am so proud to announce that my daughter tried out for and was selected for the 6th grade ECS cheer squad. She put a lot of work into this endeavor and Peggy and I couldn't be more proud.
Great Job Chandler!