Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hi everybody,
Well, Frank is pleased, and very relieved that the 6 rounds of chemo are OVER!!
Yeah!! And even more than that, God blessed him with no complications.
We are indeed thankful.

We will return to Little Rock on May 14th for testing. Dr. Barlogie has requested a fine needle biopsy of his shoulder lesion. That hasn't been done since Oct 05 when they found the "nasty" stuff, as Dr B called it. The other tests are the normal routine.... MRI, bone marrow biopsy, blood work, and PET scan.

Everything else is normal! Praise the Lord for normal! Soccer, tennis, guitar, piano, baseball, youth group and more.... and Chandler drives us everywhere we need to go!! She's a pro already ~ except that we haven't done the Interstate yet.... no hurry.

Love to you all, Peg

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hope everyone had a very blessed Easter holiday!

Happy Birthday to our dear Chandler!!! She's 15 today.... and going to take her driving permit test tomorrow. Yeah.

Frank started the 6th ~ and last ~ VTD treatment today. His platelets were above 100.

Chandler and I took lunch up to him yesterday and sat with him for a little while. It was a neat day, because we ran into people we knew... it was their first time there... they were nervous. I showed them around and took them back to see Frank in the chemo room. Frank talked with them more after we left and prayed with them. Visits like that remind us how blessed we are.

God was so sweet to give us the opportunity to meet a need for them and once again remind us that He will use this whole process for His glory. It wasn't "just another chemo treatment" ~ it was a divine appointment.

We return to Little Rock in May for a full work up. We feel good about where Frank is and how he's doing. We are looking forward to great results.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us. God is so faithful! Peg