Sunday, February 23, 2003

Happy Lord's day to all.

Frank finished his chemo on Friday. He was so glad to be rid of "the bag". Frank tolerated this treatment well. I think he slept more with the last time. His blood levels should drop more with this round, which they are watching closely.

I started giving him a shot yesterday to help build his white counts back up. He'll get a shot every day until his blood counts are okay.

I picked Chandler up from school with fever on Friday. 103. What's up with all the bugs?! She's back on the antibiotic "just in case" and keeping her away from Frank as much as possible. The boys seem okay.

Let's pray they don't get it.I have been praying for God's blessings on each one of you - the body of Christ that has been lifting us up, praying and serving us, supporting and encouraging us.

We are so grateful for family, friends and a strong support group. We are thankful for so much.

Monday, February 17, 2003

One More Time...prayers are being answered!

Tonight, over dinner, Chandler was asking about the differences between Christian denominations.
Peggy and I did our best to explain that there are differences in biblical interpretations; but what binds us together is our personal relationship with Jesus.
Believing WHO He is and WHAT He did for us is what is crucial.
It is about having Jesus within.

At that, Chase asked if he had Jesus in his heart. This opened the door for us to share with him that only he knew the answer to that question.

After a few more minutes of talking, Chase said he wanted Jesus in his heart. Chase bowed his precious head and prayed for salvation with the faith of a little child.

Tears of joy flowed from us all.Praise God for this day !Frank

Sunday, February 16, 2003

It is with all humility, thankfulness, gratitude, and wholehearted love for my Lord that I announce the following answered prayers:My Myeloma cells have a normal Chromosome 13.

This means that my chances of having a longer remission are very, very good.My cancer markers are continuing to fall, meaning the Chemo is working. If things continue to progress as is, I should be in remission by the time I go for my Stem Cell Transplant, early summer 2003.

Physically, I passed all the tests, with NO further bone damage being detected by the MRI.My family is finally all well. No more coughing kids and missing school.

Finally, my hair is still hanging in there. “Scissor Hands” Peggy did me the favor of clipping me on a #1 blade, so I look real pretty. The hair is very thin, but I have a good shaped melon.

Thank you for ALL for your prayers! They have been offered in faith, and in His faithfulness, our Lord allowed us to see His glory, once again, in the manner we asked.Don’t forget to wash some feet this week! - John 13:14-17Frank

Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Valentines Day! We hope you are all enjoying a day that celebrates love. We are! Not only our love for each other, but for the greatest love of all-the perfect love of God for each one of us. Have a sweet, sweet day.

Frank had a long day at the hospital yesterday. The bone marrow tests went SO much better with the IV sedation. Only it didn't sedate him much. He was being funny and cracking everybody up in the room. But he wasn't in pain! One of the doctors came in and asked if some students could watch, and Frank said "Yeah, cause if you have to see someone's booty, it might as well be mine - it cute!" They asked me to confirm whether or not that was true-and I did-so there we all were. A good time was had by all.

The white coats came in thinking they would be professional and just stand off to the side, but they left laughing, and relaxed with their coats thrown over their shoulders.That was how the day started!

The IV drugs were in his system still, so he was able to sleep during the MRI. He has lots of other things to do and we got out of there about 3:30. Just in time to see a movie. We got to be with a good friend from Memphis here on business. We enjoyed the company, had a good dinner and got a good nights sleep.

We don't see Dr. Barlogie until this afternoon, and then we're on our way home! Love to you all! God is so, so good! Peggy

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Greetings from Little Rock,

Peggy and I arrived today around 4:30 and were able to spread a little joy at the clinic with some home baked goodies. It was good to get in early and get paper work straight so we can get going early tomorrow.

Thursday is a full day: bone marrow biopsies -UGH, blood work, chest x-ray and bone density test. If there is still time left, I'm gonna get them to look at the corn on my toe! A bit of good news: I am still responding to the chemo. My cancer levels are continuing to drop. God is good.Thank you for your prayers-they are working.

Love, Frank

Hey everyone ~ Peggy here. Before we go any further I must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daddy (Feb 10.) I love you, and look forward to seeing you blow out some candles. Today is also "big Frank's" birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you had a wonderful day. Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Frank and Frances. We look forward to seeing you guys this weekend. We love you.

Wow, that was like saying "thanks" at the Oscars!I am thanking God for having the "ole' Frank" back. He has had Parkinson's-like symptoms for the past few days. I have been very concerned. After talking to the nurse today, we think he was having a reaction to one of his meds. Not getting that one anymore!

John, thank you for taking care of the web site for us! You have been a wonderful blessing. For those of you who don't know, I just email notes in and like magic they end up on the web site! John is our magic making it all happen.

Thank you.Jim, my brother-in-law, got good news back from the doctor. His scans showed no cancer! Thank you Jesus!! He will proceed with radiation and do check-ups every few months. Praise the Lord for answered prayer.

We'll be in touch! We love you all. Peggy

Thursday, February 6, 2003

Hi Everybody! Thank you all so much for your prayers for the children, and our family. Unfortunately, we are still fighting the bugs of winter. Chandler hasn't been to school since Jan. 26. The doctor did blood work and says her ability to fight is not strong right now. She's probably had 2 different viruses. We are praying for complete healing and for her immune system to build back quickly so she doesn't go back to school and catch something else. We only want her to come home with her backpack and brothers!

Chase went to back to school today and doing fine. Zach went back to school today as well. I've picked him up twice for throwing up at school. He has no other systems and is fine afterwards. The doctor thinks it's “situational stress syndrome”. We would rather it be a stomach virus. I suppose time will tell. It is a very helpless feeling to know your kids are hurting in their heart and you can't stop it. I know a lot of you totally understand that, but I suppose we've never had to deal with it on this level.

With all the kids gathered around, I buzzed Frank's hair on a #3. His hair looks like Matt Lauer on the Today show. Although I am pretty proud of my haircut, it won't be there long. Although we knew this was coming, it’s turning out to be an adjustment for Frank. I hope this temporary hair cut will be a good transition for him. I can say this: he has a great shaped head!

He's been fever free since Monday. That is answered prayer. The fact that he stayed in this house for 2 weeks with 3 sick kids and didn't get sick is truly a God thing!

This Friday, Frank and Zach are going on a field trip to Reelfoot Lake to see Bald Eagles. This special time will be great medicine for Zach and Frank! I hope they see lots of eagles in the wild, but the Eagles will soar indeed.

I am reminded of Isaiah 40: 27-31 - The Everlasting God, Creator of the universe never faints or gets weary. His understanding is unsearchable. Even the youth get weary, and young men fall. But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They'll mount up with wings like eagles. They'll run and not be weary; they'll walk and not faint.

We are trying to get everyone well. I'd love for the house to be “in order” and normal when we leave next week. We are due to be in Little Rock Feb. 12-14. If all goes well, we'll come home Friday. Frank will start the next phase of chemo on the following Monday in Memphis.

Last night and today has been trying and emotional. But like all the verses we have been reading ~ God promises to never leave or forsake us.
God ministered to Frank in such a real way today, He might as well have been sitting with him face to face. I hope Frank shares his story when he feels up to making an entry.

He is home today resting. We can all relate – there's no place like your own bed when you feel bad. We know you are praying for him. Thank you so much.I hope all of you are well. We are so blessed to have each one of you I our lives. I am praying that your day will be filled with joy!

Much love from our home to yours (without the germs!), Peggy