Thursday, February 15, 2007

Well, praise God for good news !

As Peg mentioned in the previous post, we anticipated getting good news and that's what we got. There were no Myeloma proteins found, no new lesions, and the lesions where the cancer had attacked the bone in the past were stable.

Dr Barlogie and his assistant Aimee were all smiles and said we would continue with the consolidation Chemo treatments as planned.

The only down side to the day was that I picked up the "bug" that Chandler has been fighting and I felt bad the whole day. I'll be over it soon enough.

Thank you all for your prayers....God is still saying yes!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Frank and I went to Little Rock yesterday for testing.

Things went very well. No PET scan this time, so it saved us some time too.

The bone marrow biopsy went well. Frank's meds kicked in and the procedure wasn't as painful. (At least that's what he said... it looks painful to me) They also made him sleep the whole way home... and the whole rest of the day.. and night!!

We return to Little Rock tomorrow to see the doctor and get the results. We feel really good about things and don't expect anything but a good clean report.

That would be a great Valentine Day present wouldn't it?

We'll be in touch to share what we know soon. Thank you for your continued prayers. May God richly bless each one of you.

Chandler's been home sick this week. Please pray for her quick recovery and that Frank (or the rest of us) won't get it.

Love, Peggy