Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear Family and Friends:

Many of you have already heard, but since many have not, I am obliged to type words I have learned to really, really dislike. After noticing an abnormality in some previous test results, Peggy and I were called back to Little Rock for some specific biopsies and tests.

Unfortunately they found some new activtiy n my right hip, which means I am no longer in remissioin. The ambiguity of the situation is that until the samples have been analyzed, we don't know yet that these cells are Myeloma. But I (we) am not going to kid myself, why else would a lesion show up on a PET and MRI unless the battle has begun again?

With respect to Multiple Myeloma, we do know something abnormal is going on. The severity of the situation and the treatment options will be decided after the first of the year.

Plese keep us in your prayers and specifically pray that whatever abnormalities are there, they will be easity contained and destroyed by whatever they prescribe for me.

Now, for all of you that come to this page, I must also tell you that despite the circumstances, the Carlton family ~ Peg's family and mine, plan on celebrating Christmas and experiencing JOY this year.

In the last few sermons at our church, we've been given a "roadmap" for peace and joy this season. We plan on following God's plan which includes choosing to trust in God's providence (James 1:2-3, and Hebrews 10:34) and drawing on Christ's power. (Phil 4:13)

So, as my brothers is Christ sang out in concert the other night, "Hallelujah, to the Lord of heaven and earth!"

God is with us, and no matter what the circumstances, He will meet our needs.
Always has - always will.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A funny story about vanity………..

Hello everyone! I thought I would share this little tidbit from our last visit to Little Rock.
On the Tuesday morning that Peggy and I were lined up for the latest battery of tests, we were doing the usual scurrying about.

Peg was doing her make-up. I was packing up our bags and checking out of the hotel. In the hurry, I was going to the car, loading up our belongings, and simply getting things packed away.

This “packing” required me to make several trips through the lobby of the hotel and with each pass I kept seeing various people. You know fellow guests, staff, and the like.

Well being that most of the people that I passed by happened to be female AND each of them would get a bright look about them and smile real big….. I started thinking, hey I just “got noticed”.

Of course being the friendly type I would return their smiles and say ‘hello or good morning’ and I would smugly enjoy my sense of being complimented by these strangers. (or so I thought)

In the end, when I finally sat down back in our room, waiting on Peggy to give me the “I’m ready” signal, I looked down and noticed that my fly was open!

I got noticed alright, but maybe it wasn’t for the reasons I had imagined.

At 43, I still got to XYZ.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Wow! It's December! 2007 went by very fast. And for us, it was year of remission and thankfulness!

Praise the Lord, Frank is still in remission.

Dr. Barlogie wants him to continue with 3 more rounds of what Frank calls "chemo lite" and then return in 3 months.

Thank for you continued calls and prayers and love that you've shown our family.
We'll be in touch!

Merry Christmas!
Love, Peggy