Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear Family and Friends:

Many of you have already heard, but since many have not, I am obliged to type words I have learned to really, really dislike. After noticing an abnormality in some previous test results, Peggy and I were called back to Little Rock for some specific biopsies and tests.

Unfortunately they found some new activtiy n my right hip, which means I am no longer in remissioin. The ambiguity of the situation is that until the samples have been analyzed, we don't know yet that these cells are Myeloma. But I (we) am not going to kid myself, why else would a lesion show up on a PET and MRI unless the battle has begun again?

With respect to Multiple Myeloma, we do know something abnormal is going on. The severity of the situation and the treatment options will be decided after the first of the year.

Plese keep us in your prayers and specifically pray that whatever abnormalities are there, they will be easity contained and destroyed by whatever they prescribe for me.

Now, for all of you that come to this page, I must also tell you that despite the circumstances, the Carlton family ~ Peg's family and mine, plan on celebrating Christmas and experiencing JOY this year.

In the last few sermons at our church, we've been given a "roadmap" for peace and joy this season. We plan on following God's plan which includes choosing to trust in God's providence (James 1:2-3, and Hebrews 10:34) and drawing on Christ's power. (Phil 4:13)

So, as my brothers is Christ sang out in concert the other night, "Hallelujah, to the Lord of heaven and earth!"

God is with us, and no matter what the circumstances, He will meet our needs.
Always has - always will.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Frank for that testimony! Your faith is authentic and speaks to my heart. We will pray for good news in Jan. and for JOY to abound during this blessed season. Margaret Martin
2007-12-22 01:35:50 GMT

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that the Hillis family loves the Carlton family and we are praying for you! Santa Elvis made my day on Sunday!!!!
--Jane Hillis
2007-12-24 04:59:30 GMT

Anonymous said...

We serve a powerful God -- a very present help in time of need - with His strength He will bring us through this and we shall give HIM all the praise and glory. Thank you Father for your deliverance in our time of need. Amen
--mom and dad
2007-12-31 19:14:15 GMT

Karen Greene said...

Hi, Frank and Peggy. I just learned of your web page today, and have just read your update for today. Ive been praying for you all today, and am so thankful for the light you shine for God on all of us. We stand with you in expectation of Gods graciousness

Johnny & Kathy Owen said...

Name : Johnny & Kathy Owen--Were close friends of Aundrias (and Walters) living in Conway--formerly from Fort Smith
Comments : Frank & Peggy--Were interceding for you, by name, daily--praying for healing, peace and strength for the journey for you and your family.

Conway Clan said...

We are lifting you all up in prayer! Literally thanking God eveytime we think of you....

Johnny Johnson & family said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.