Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Rock's visit was pretty uneventful. We left here around 11, saw the doctor, left there at 5 and made it back to see American Idol in our jammies. Not too bad!

We didn't feel rushed with Dr. Barlogie and got our questions answered. At least the ones that he could answer. Our unanswered questions are reserved for the Lord. I know His ways are best. If we could see the future and get all our "what ifs" out of the way we wouldn't trust Him, we would run ahead in pride, or we wouldn't get out of the bed! So... we trust Him for each step of the way.
Phil 4:6-7 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Frank's PET scan, bone marrow and blood work and kidneys showed no signs of active myeloma. The MRI of the spine showed lesions that appeared new to the doctor reading it, but he was comparing it to an October 2007 MRI. We read the chart before the doctor comes in, so this had us very scared.

But Dr. Barlogie read it over carefully, called the MRI doctor reading the scan, and called in another doctor to our room and we talked it over with all of them. Dr. B is dismissing the thought that these lesions are new as of May.

Frank's spine hadn't been scanned since Oct. During the relapse after the first of the year, only his shoulders and hips had an MRI. Those lesions could have been there since the relapse and just not seen until now. He says there is not way to measure it with nothing more current. So, in light of the other tests, he's saying things are fine.

Frank's blood work was still on the sluggish side. He was officially neutrapenic with his white count 1.5. Hematocrit was 25 and platelets 49. So, instead of starting the second "heavy" treatment, he wants Frank to take "light" chemo here for a month. The Velcade, Thalidomide, Dex combo. Then return on June 23rd for testing and plans to start the Mel, VTD-PACE treatment.

Sorry for all the details if they overwhelm you. I include them for many reasons. We have fellow Myeloma patients that read this. Sharing the specifics of treatment plans are important in the myeloma family. I also want those that like the detail, my nurse friends and esp our out of town family to be able to have the specifics. It also serves as a journal for us. We've gone back and read archives and remembered parts of his treatments we'd forgotten about. It's amazing that his 5 1/2 year journey is all right here. Anyway...

We have a plan. His big picture is still the same. He wants to do another transplant after the next round of chemo. He said he could try and collect stem cells after the next transplant.

I know this is a universal feeling but.... we are SO ready for school to be out!!! We need some down time! The kids have been more stressed than I've ever seen them this semester. It breaks my heart to see them so bogged down. Please pray for them. Pray this summer will be a time of renewal in their sweet spirits and they'll truly find rest in the Lord.

Love to each of you. We are so grateful.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Monday to everyone. If you're a mom, than I hope you had a good Mother's Day. Frank went to a lot of effort to make sure I "had the day off". I felt very loved and appreciated!

This is our week to be in Little Rock for testing. Frank has test lined up for today and Tuesday. Then we meet with Dr. Barlogie on Wednesday.

Exam review is this week. Exams start Friday. So.... we decided I should stay here for Monday and Tuesday and try to keep the kids focused so they can finish the year strong. I will join Frank on Wed to meet with the doctor and discuss things.

It's hard to be away from him. I feel like a loser wife when I'm not with him. :/ But I know he's fine. The kids and I had a sweet morning together and I'm looking forward to tonight.

Please pray for the appointment on Wednesday. We are asking for wisdom as Dr. Barlogie looks at how Frank handled this last round and decided about the next one.
We are praising God for how well the chemo is working so far. And for how strong Frank's body is. I was about to type.. "I don't know how he does it?" But I do!! It's nothing but God and the power of prayer! God has shown over and over that He is in the middle of all of this. It strengthens me to see it over and over again. I know it does you, too. Because if you're reading this right now... you've probably been reading our journal for a number of years now!

The Streams in the Desert devotion I read from is so good for today. It's on faith, and how God perfects us and we get stronger through the process of believing God. It says being trained for a life of faith requires many areas of learning, including:
the trail of faith,
the discipline of faith,
the patience of faith,
and the courage of faith.
We pass through many of these stages so we can realize the Victory of faith!

I am thanking God this morning for the stages we've experienced, and praying we are faithful and please Him in our road for victory! peg

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dear Family and Friends:

Well today is a bright a sunny day in Memphis; sunnier than most for me anyway.

I am so happy to report that my labs came back normal (normal for me anyway) on Monday and I did not have to take anymore blood products!

This means God is answering everyone's prayers that my body will start making blood on its on.

I plan on doing regular things today like going to work, eating lunch in a crowed room, and shaking peoples hands without worrying if they are sick. I'll still wash my hands and all, but the fear factor is a bit less.

Thank you for all the kind words, deeds, and prayers.

May God Bring Blessing to You today,


Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Friday loved ones.

Frank got his lab work this morning and we are headed to Baptist for some blood this morning.

WBC 3.5
Hgb 8
Hct 26
Platelets 10

Our prayer is that he would recover from the treatment and make blood on his own. If he keeps needing blood, they're going to give him a bag of stem cells to help him. We want to keep those bags for transplants, so we would prefer to not have to use the stem cells.

We are so thankful he hasn't had any infections and that we are in Memphis for all of this.