Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Monday to everyone. If you're a mom, than I hope you had a good Mother's Day. Frank went to a lot of effort to make sure I "had the day off". I felt very loved and appreciated!

This is our week to be in Little Rock for testing. Frank has test lined up for today and Tuesday. Then we meet with Dr. Barlogie on Wednesday.

Exam review is this week. Exams start Friday. So.... we decided I should stay here for Monday and Tuesday and try to keep the kids focused so they can finish the year strong. I will join Frank on Wed to meet with the doctor and discuss things.

It's hard to be away from him. I feel like a loser wife when I'm not with him. :/ But I know he's fine. The kids and I had a sweet morning together and I'm looking forward to tonight.

Please pray for the appointment on Wednesday. We are asking for wisdom as Dr. Barlogie looks at how Frank handled this last round and decided about the next one.
We are praising God for how well the chemo is working so far. And for how strong Frank's body is. I was about to type.. "I don't know how he does it?" But I do!! It's nothing but God and the power of prayer! God has shown over and over that He is in the middle of all of this. It strengthens me to see it over and over again. I know it does you, too. Because if you're reading this right now... you've probably been reading our journal for a number of years now!

The Streams in the Desert devotion I read from is so good for today. It's on faith, and how God perfects us and we get stronger through the process of believing God. It says being trained for a life of faith requires many areas of learning, including:
the trail of faith,
the discipline of faith,
the patience of faith,
and the courage of faith.
We pass through many of these stages so we can realize the Victory of faith!

I am thanking God this morning for the stages we've experienced, and praying we are faithful and please Him in our road for victory! peg

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