Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Valentines Day! We hope you are all enjoying a day that celebrates love. We are! Not only our love for each other, but for the greatest love of all-the perfect love of God for each one of us. Have a sweet, sweet day.

Frank had a long day at the hospital yesterday. The bone marrow tests went SO much better with the IV sedation. Only it didn't sedate him much. He was being funny and cracking everybody up in the room. But he wasn't in pain! One of the doctors came in and asked if some students could watch, and Frank said "Yeah, cause if you have to see someone's booty, it might as well be mine - it cute!" They asked me to confirm whether or not that was true-and I did-so there we all were. A good time was had by all.

The white coats came in thinking they would be professional and just stand off to the side, but they left laughing, and relaxed with their coats thrown over their shoulders.That was how the day started!

The IV drugs were in his system still, so he was able to sleep during the MRI. He has lots of other things to do and we got out of there about 3:30. Just in time to see a movie. We got to be with a good friend from Memphis here on business. We enjoyed the company, had a good dinner and got a good nights sleep.

We don't see Dr. Barlogie until this afternoon, and then we're on our way home! Love to you all! God is so, so good! Peggy

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