Sunday, February 16, 2003

It is with all humility, thankfulness, gratitude, and wholehearted love for my Lord that I announce the following answered prayers:My Myeloma cells have a normal Chromosome 13.

This means that my chances of having a longer remission are very, very good.My cancer markers are continuing to fall, meaning the Chemo is working. If things continue to progress as is, I should be in remission by the time I go for my Stem Cell Transplant, early summer 2003.

Physically, I passed all the tests, with NO further bone damage being detected by the MRI.My family is finally all well. No more coughing kids and missing school.

Finally, my hair is still hanging in there. “Scissor Hands” Peggy did me the favor of clipping me on a #1 blade, so I look real pretty. The hair is very thin, but I have a good shaped melon.

Thank you for ALL for your prayers! They have been offered in faith, and in His faithfulness, our Lord allowed us to see His glory, once again, in the manner we asked.Don’t forget to wash some feet this week! - John 13:14-17Frank

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