Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Greetings from Little Rock,

Peggy and I arrived today around 4:30 and were able to spread a little joy at the clinic with some home baked goodies. It was good to get in early and get paper work straight so we can get going early tomorrow.

Thursday is a full day: bone marrow biopsies -UGH, blood work, chest x-ray and bone density test. If there is still time left, I'm gonna get them to look at the corn on my toe! A bit of good news: I am still responding to the chemo. My cancer levels are continuing to drop. God is good.Thank you for your prayers-they are working.

Love, Frank

Hey everyone ~ Peggy here. Before we go any further I must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daddy (Feb 10.) I love you, and look forward to seeing you blow out some candles. Today is also "big Frank's" birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you had a wonderful day. Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Frank and Frances. We look forward to seeing you guys this weekend. We love you.

Wow, that was like saying "thanks" at the Oscars!I am thanking God for having the "ole' Frank" back. He has had Parkinson's-like symptoms for the past few days. I have been very concerned. After talking to the nurse today, we think he was having a reaction to one of his meds. Not getting that one anymore!

John, thank you for taking care of the web site for us! You have been a wonderful blessing. For those of you who don't know, I just email notes in and like magic they end up on the web site! John is our magic making it all happen.

Thank you.Jim, my brother-in-law, got good news back from the doctor. His scans showed no cancer! Thank you Jesus!! He will proceed with radiation and do check-ups every few months. Praise the Lord for answered prayer.

We'll be in touch! We love you all. Peggy

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