Sunday, February 23, 2003

Happy Lord's day to all.

Frank finished his chemo on Friday. He was so glad to be rid of "the bag". Frank tolerated this treatment well. I think he slept more with the last time. His blood levels should drop more with this round, which they are watching closely.

I started giving him a shot yesterday to help build his white counts back up. He'll get a shot every day until his blood counts are okay.

I picked Chandler up from school with fever on Friday. 103. What's up with all the bugs?! She's back on the antibiotic "just in case" and keeping her away from Frank as much as possible. The boys seem okay.

Let's pray they don't get it.I have been praying for God's blessings on each one of you - the body of Christ that has been lifting us up, praying and serving us, supporting and encouraging us.

We are so grateful for family, friends and a strong support group. We are thankful for so much.

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