Sunday, March 30, 2003


Well, it's late Sunday night. Please join us is praying for our brother-in-law tomorrow. Jim has a CAT scan and PET scan Monday to check for any cancer since his radiation. We are praising God for the healing that has taken place and asking God for good reports that will keep Jim cancer free...forever!

Nausea has been bothering Frank a little over the weekend. He's sleeping a lot due to the medicine. He gets the chemo dc'd tomorrow afternoon, and he's ready for that. Starting Tues. he gets the growth hormone shots to make the stem cells migrate out of the marrow into the blood stream. We are praying that millions of his cells will just move on out!! The goal is 20 million.

It was so wonderful to see the kids over the weekend. We were all together...even with the dog. Having the dog was a little much, but she enjoyed seeing the kids so much she went home with them! Chase had some trouble separating from us, which was very hard on me. We've never been apart for this long. As a special request, I made him a strawberry cake tonight and will overnight it to him in the morning. We talked on the cell phone on the way home and he said he would fax us a picture for our refrigerator.

Your prayers mean so much. This isn't easy, but we feel the presence of the Lord with every step we take. The great news as well as the heart breaks. We praise Him for being our great Physician, Healer, Comforter and friend.

Love to you all, Peggy and Frank

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