Monday, March 17, 2003

Hello loved ones! We hope this finds you happy and healthy...and wearing green.

We've been gone for spring break. My brother-in-law's family graciously opened up their home to us in Florida. We enjoyed the warm sun, and the beautiful ocean. It had been so gloomy here for so long! Just being in the sunshine was like medicine for us all. We darted over to Orlando to visit family before coming home Saturday. We are so very thankful for that blessing!!!!

I'm ready for summer now, spoiled by the weather. As I unpacked today, I switched out summer and winter clothes - which means it'll be cold again next week! Does that happen to anybody else?

Frank had a good week. He's still adjusting his medicine a bit. After a few days, he quit one of his pills and was a new guy (actually the ole' guy) by mid-week. He still has his cough and just started running a low grade fever tonight. We stay in close contact with Little Rock, and he goes for blood work tomorrow. Please pray the fever will go away and he'll get rid of the cough.

We leave March 24 for Little Rock. This is the first 3-4 week stay for the Stem Cell Collection. Please pray for us and the children during this time. The separation is longer than we've ever had before. As a mom, I'm sure it's "hurting me more than it's hurting them". I am praying that is true!

Our hope is to see them on the weekends. We're not making any plans too far in advance, rather seeing how Frank is feeling day by day. Pray also for Nana - for her strength.Frank is resting - gargling salt water ~ but sends his love to all.

Have a wonderful day!! Peggy

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