Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Hello All:

Today was one filled with activities. Blood drawn at 8:00am, then X-rays, EKG, psychological profile & assessment (I always flunk that one), bone marrow aspiration (the fun one), and we wrapped up with an MRI.

Peg and I have done the routine enough now that we actually know all the people in the departments. Having familiar faces to speak with, sort of takes the edge off the inconveniences of being here.

While doing our tasks for the day we met people from Tampa FL, Nashville, Richmond Virginia, North Carolina, Kennett MO, and Louisville KY. I even met a Myeloma patient that was younger than me - 36. That was a surprise.

Well Wednesday is day 2, just a few things on the agenda. We are both feeling great and ready for what happens next.

Thank you for your prayers. God has given us both a real sense of peace about this trip. He is faithful!


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