Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Hi everybody. Things seem like a normal winter day at our house. All the kids are sick! Don’t ya just love those winter viruses?

Chase is getting over his, but Chandler and Zach stayed home sick today. Pray with us that Frank doesn’t get it. (Actually, I don’t want it either!)

Frank went for his blood work Monday. Everything was fine. His lab values aren’t within “normal” range, but nothing unexpected showed up. We are waiting on the next phase – bringing him closer and closer to the transplant.

We talked with Dr. Barlogie’s nurse today and got more details about our time in Little Rock. She’s encouraging and full of information, and if things go as planned, the timing will work out better than we had hoped. Roughly, we’re looking at March 17-April 12 for his stem cell collection.I wouldn’t be honest if I said that everyday is great, and that we don’t have days that seem dark, but God has been faithful to put people in our paths during those times that encourage us and bring us out of it.

Among others, Emily V. has encouraged me this week. What a testimony that family has! Frank has had people from his childhood and college call him and lift him up. Not to mention so many others that we are blessed to have in our lives on a daily basis. I am definitely learning what trust is – complete trust in God. Trusting Him to provide, comfort and heal are hard things! I wish I were a graduate in this class, but I’m finding out I am only a freshman. And Frank is my tutor. (A cute upper-classman.)

We enjoyed watching the Super Bowl over at Lisa and Jim’s, and celebrating Alexis’s 5th birthday. We also got to see our cousin David on Monday.Thank you for constant prayers, calls and messages to us through this Website.

Please pray for us as we nurse our short people back to health. We are praising God for all He has done thus far and look forward to what He will do in the future.

May God bless each one of you, and your families. Peggy

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