Friday, November 21, 2003

Well, Frank came home yesterday from Little Rock with his report from the doctor.Here's what we know.......

Frank's genetic profile - his DNA bone marrow samples - indicate that he should be able to maintain a lengthy remission. What wonderful news that was! We are so very thankful.

His white count was 1.9, but Frank didn't say that they seems concerned about it. It has dropped at little with each lab drawn. Everything else looked really good.

However, the fractured L2 vertebra that was responsible for his diagnosis has shown increased compression. We have read reports like this in the past, but Dr. Barlogie, at that time, had decided to watch it. Now, he wants to try and fix it, to prevent any further compression. This is done by injecting medicine into the vertebrae (guided by x-ray) that will harden the bone and fill in that space. He was also supposed to have a PET scan that got overlooked.

So, he left for Little Rock this morning to have those two things done, and will be home tonight. His spirits were great. He didn't appear to be nervous or upset about having this done.

His next chemo will be the second week of December. He had to argue with the doctor to let him have this treatment in Memphis, and he won! Frank also argued to wanted to wait until after the holidays to start this chemo, and he lost that one.

I don't think he goes back to Little Rock until March. Yeah!!

As thanksgiving rolls around, we are reminded of so much to be thankful for. We are in awe of our Lord, and how He works in and through each one of His children to be His hand and His feet...and so much more. The power of the Holy Spirit an awesome thing!!
Have a wonderful, blessed weekend.

Love, Peggy

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