Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy Wednesday.

I'm here at the clinic. Frank's asleep in the treatment room. He's been tired today. They think he's a little dehydrated so they're giving him some fluids. He's definately neutopenic as of yesterday with his white count 0.6 with platelets 47. They won't transfuse him unless they get less than 20. Wouldn't it be great if he didn't need one?! Let's all pray for that.

Everything else looks good. We don't have lab work back for today. We're going to leave here and go straight back the apt. No Big Mac's today. I want him away from everybody.

He wanted to say hi yesterday and when we went in to edit last nights message, the computer messed up and we lost it. So, I bet he'll get on tonight and say hi to everybody.
Love, peg

Hello again,

We got the lab work back for today. His white count is 0.1 and his platelets are 32. They want him to take some potassium tablets, but other than that, he's doing good.

These could drop again, but we're praying that this was the bottom and he's on his way up.
Mom's bringing the kids tonight. And Tom, a friend from home stopped in on his way back to Memphis. It's been a busy day and he's sleeping right now! (kids here...picture taken tonight!!)
Sending our love....

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