Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Hi. Isn't his hair the funnist? He had an idea to bleach it white but changed his mind. It's all bald now so the HOPE letters are faint but they are still there. Thank the Lord that was the word we chose. We had some silly ideas about what to do thinking it wouldn't matter. We dodged a bullet on that one.

We have a few prayer requests. Our insurance company needs Frank to have a few more tests before they will approve the transplant. So, he's going to go back to Little Rock for the day (so much for a nice month off) and have a PET scan and a heart/lung test of some kind. He'll come back the same day. We are praying for favor in the eyes of the insurance company, but above that, for God's will to be done.

Secondly, Chandler was sick all day with 103 fever. We've kept her and her dad far apart, but viruses can be ugly. Please pray that Frank doesn't get sick ~ or any one else so we can stop this and get it out of the house.

We love reading the guest book. It gives us "warm fuzzies". And we thank you for your prayers. But, this family of faith isn't all for us to have and not give. If you guys need prayer, please email us and share with us how we can pray for you too!! We want to be faithful to you, as you are being to us. Prayer works. Frank is living testimony!!
Have a great day! In His grace..... Peg

Okay, this is what he looks like now. That other picture was pretty radical. We had a doctor appointment today, and of course, he was a hit with his inspirational message! Nurses were calling out things like "Never give up Hope!" and "Keep Hope alive!" and as we were leaving, we told them "bye, see you later"..... (you know this is coming don't you?) they answered "we Hope so.......ha ha ha" The Wings volunteer even came out and took his picture. You know how shy Frank is....... he smiled for the camera even though it was of the back of his head!

Oh, we did go to the doctor today. With all the fun we had, we walked out without his lab work, but I do remember his platelets being 52. Not bad, but let's pray they mulitply a lot in the next few weeks.

Chandler's getting over her virus, thank goodness. She gave it my sister over the phone. Hope you feel better Lisa ~ and welcome home.
Keep laughing..... it so healing.
He leaves for Little Rock in the morning to have that little test done.

I hope it won't be long before we hear something from insurance.
Have a great day...... Peg


Anonymous said...

I love it!! We should all have HOPE in our head! Thanks for sharing ... every story is such a blessing. I'm so glad that humor is healing, we certainly have enough in this family of ours! Love you all soooo much.

Anonymous said...

love the hope Head!!!
Yo! YO! Carlton Gang--everybody jump and jive-
Look at Frank's head-he wants to tell you hope is alive.

I met these folks at the AC-RC(and I don't mean cola... When I see them in the hall, I just want to shout Hola!

Frank's really funny in his own Carlton way-
He's got his special wit and you never know what
he's gonna say.

And then, there's Peggy--she's really SWEET. She likes to come to the gift shop and buy a little treat.

So, do a little dance and add some HIP HOP..
You know the Carlton gang really ROCKS!!!

HOPE is alive and that's no jive,
Ya'll keep praying 'cause the Lord will provide!

But Lord, you are my sheild, my glory, and my only hope. You alone can lift my head....
Psalms 3:3

Peace and Love,
Paige Puckett aka Sister Paprika

--Paige Puckett