Sunday, September 10, 2006

Good evening,

I'm sorry we haven't updated until now. Frank is doing well. Levels are dropping as expected. His white count is 0.02. A nurse told us once that this is the lowest the machine can caculate. I guess we'll see if that's true.
Platelets are 14. He got his first platelet transfusion today. Red counts are low too. Hematacrit 29.

Hope that's not too boring for most of you. We have some family and friends that like to know the actual lab values, and some will tell me they don't know what it means....

We haven't updated because we've sort of been bad. We decided to sneak home on Friday and be back in Little Rock on Saturday for his daily lab values and anitbiotic. We confided in our APN and she sweetly turned a deaf ear to our plan knowing we'd be back in less than 24 hours, even though she pleaded with us to be careful because of his platelet count. I guess she saw the determination in our eyes.

We made it home, and within the hour we got a phone call from her. "Oh my gosh" was all we could say... she's going to make us come back... But we were wrong, she showed mercy on us. She said she'd been thinking since we left and she thought Frank would be fine to take a day off and to come back Sunday. What a gift!!

Frank rested all day and night, never left the house and only got up once or twice. The kids were glad to see him and we just hung out Friday and Saturday.

I worked in the yard for 6 hours.
Each one of the kids helped me at different times, so that was nice too. I keep trying to perfect my weed eater skills, but one of boys will get frustrated watching me and take it from me. I keep telling them I can't learn if they do that, but they take it from me anyway.

It felt great to be outside working, being productive and not too far away from Frank. We got back to the clinic by 2 this afternoon.

So here we are... back in the apartment watching Manning vs Manning on TV. I feel sorry for the other players that showed up to play. Peyton and Eli are the only ones they seem to be talking about.

This is the day that the Lord has made!!
And we are rejoicing.............much love........ peg and frank


Anonymous said...

we love yall . casey misses yall . she told me that she wants to go home today. i talked to your mom and she said to bring her anytime. the truth is i like her being here because i feel like we are doing something. well i want her to be happy. i hope we see yall both together in memphis soon! we love yall. lee, kelly, wilson, and shelby

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Frank! Hope you are having a good day today. Luv ya, Sharon Smith
--Sharon Smith