Friday, September 1, 2006

Good morning,

Yesterday was busy. We got to the hospital thinking we knew exactly where wer were going (because we'd been there twice before). We walked in, the nurse said she'd been waiting on us and put us in a room. Then they asked if we'd been to admissions yet. That was new. But whatever.
So I go out to get directions from the nurses desk.
She says "what's the name."
"I don't have a Carlton. I have a Chambers. "
"Huh?" "Oh my", she says.
"You're on the Kidney-Liver Transplant Unit."
YIKES! Ooops, wrong place. Bone marrow unit moved down the hall.......

So, we thank God for Frank's healthy kidneys and liver and go check in to the Bone Marrow Unit. Now this routine looks familiar! They prepared him for chemo ~ fluids, iv antibiotics, anti nausea, and stuff.

When the APN came in , she found out he'd been sick Tues night with slight fever on Wed. They talked about holding the chemo, but after consulting with an infectious disease doctor, they decided to proceed. So, the first round of chemo is complete.

We learned something new. The APN told him chew ice as much as possible for the 12 hours the Melphalan (high dose chemo) is in his system. It causes vasoconstriction and helps protect the mucosal lining in his GI tract from being affected by the chemo. It's not a scientific fact, but some patients swear it helps with mouth sores and diarrhea. It's a wives tale. Kinda like when the doctor tells you that teething in your baby doesn't cause their nose to run. We all know it does.

So, when I kissed Frank goodbye, he was chomping ice....and shivering.

It seemed like I got home in 15 minutes. I was there when the kids got home. That felt so great. From 3:30 to 8:30 we picked up Chase, did guitar lesson, cut grass, raked/bagged grass, threw broken weedeater against house (did i say that?), ate dinner, soccer practice, and I missed my school meeting, the main reason I came home in the first place.
Some things don't always go as planned.
But on a better note: I got to hug on our babies, talk about schoool, friends, boys, girls, the weekend; sleep in my own bed, and wake the kids up this morning. The kids and I are looking forward to spending time with Daddy for a few days.

Today Frank just has labs and a few IV drugs. It should be a light day.
Thank you for all your prayers and more.
We feel blessed. Love, Peggy


pat and ron said...

GREAT NEWS!!!! Happy weekend to you all! Love, p

Gary and Nicole Baker said...

We pray for all of you everyday and keep you on our minds and in our hearts. May God continue to bless all of you everyday.