Tuesday, September 26, 2006

OK - Time for an Update!

It's noon and we are sure there are some curious voyuers out there.
Here's the skinny.......no one knows whats wrong with me.

The labs came back good, infection detector - CRP - was <.05 - which is very low. These tests tell the Dr's that there is nothing obvious to zero in on.

I have been sitting at UAMS taking IV antibiotics all morning and after we do this thing called a nasal wash, I can go back to the apartment. I'm told nasal washing is really fun. I'll let you know!

Instead of praying that they will find out what is wrong with me, let's just start praying that the mystery infection will mysteriously go away.

We love you guys and will be home soon......
Frank & Peggy


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the song "I always feel like someone is watching me" AND YOU KNOW WHAT - HE IS! And so are "we." Thanks for sharing your experiences over the last several days. . .I cannot imagine how you have time to do this website and emotionally I know it is not easy. But, for those of us in anonymous awe of your character, we appreciate your sharing this much of yourselves with us. Raw, uncut. We love you and look forward to saying "AMEN" when the doctor releases you again. Much love to you. Neely
2006-09-26 22:41:37 GMT

Anonymous said...

We love you all so much Neely. You're the best. Hug all 3 babies for us. peg and frank
2006-09-27 01:33:52 GMT

Anonymous said...

hello there my favorite uncle! i kinda like leaving you little messages like this (if only i would have discovered this earlier)! i just wanted to let you know that it was great seeing you this weekend and i am glad that i got to come home and spend time with the whole family. i love you tons and i am so blessed to have such an amazing and sweet uncle!
2006-09-27 03:43:01 GMT

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Frank! Peggy, give him a big noogie on the head and see if that helps this infection go away! LOL Keep fighting Frank...I'm cheering for you! *\0/* Go Frank!
2006-09-27 09:32:34 GMT

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy,

I am sorry for all you and Frank are going thru. I will keep you in my prayers. I was in your group one year at BSF back in '98

--Angela Johnson
2006-09-27 14:15:21 GMT

Anonymous said...

Frank and Peggy,
Just a note to let you know that we are praying for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story and your family with us. Your children are precious - there is strength in them - it was very evident through the tears. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. And infection - just go away!!
2006-09-27 16:02:08 GMT

Anonymous said...

Frank and Peggy,
The two of you and your family are always in my prayers. I had my mother put you on the prayer list at her church also. I have learned a great deal from the two of you concerning your faith during a difficult time. We are praying that the mystery infection just goes away. You are an amazing person and I know God has great plans for you!
2006-09-27 19:15:45 GMT

Anonymous said...

Frank & Peggy, just logged in to see if I could find you again. Would love to have the chance to catch up and to hear your story first hand. I'll try to reach you by phone, or you could call me at 763-4538. Love, Laura McMaster Couloubaritsis
--Laura Couloubaritsis

2006-11-29 19:39:35 GMT