Sunday, September 17, 2006


What a day!! We had an 11 hour day at the hospital. If you're one of those people that read the last sentence in a book to make sure it ends good, than this is for you: He's doing okay and we got some good news today.

After I posted last night about his fever, it went up to 102. We started the infusor and gave him Tylenol, but still had 101+ this morning. They ran cultures, and he got his regular antibiotic. He was already scheduled to get 2 bags of whole blood today, but his platelets were 17 so he needed those too.

He had a severe reaction to the platelets. He had a reaction like this last Thursday, but they thought it was the anti fungal instead of the platelets. It was intense for while.
Fever 104, blood pressure dropped, wet with sweat. But our nurse was wonderful and took really good care of him. He was shaking so bad they had to get his blood pressure down at his ankle.

That reaction caused a chain of events... chest x-ray, 2 more antibiotics, a bag of fluid, iv push drugs, demeral and more. But he still needed the whole blood.

So, in the middle of that transfusion, he breaks out in a sweat again and I got the nurse. His reaction wasn't as severe. But his fever did shoot up again. He finished only one bag... they are waiting to give the other one tomorrow.

That's only the short version believe it or not. But in the midst of all that we got great great news.

His white count went from 0.6 to 2.04!! He's not neutropenic anymore! Yeah. And if they rule out any infection tomorrw, they may make a discharge appointment for Dr. Barlogie this week.

We might be home by the weekend. How awesome is that?? He's so proud of himself.

Don't ever doubt Frank's sense of humor. At the scariest moment during the reaction, he's shaking so bad, the nurse is right in middle of pushing his IV Demeral and his vitals are crazy......

He holds his breath and "plays dead" for a second. We all sort of just stop and stare at him and he opens his eyes and smiles at her. She wanted to kill him and I don't blame her!! I smacked his bald head. Same feeling when you think your child is lost. You're so panicked and when you see that they're safe you hug them and then yell at them.

So, his stem cells are grafting. His bone marrow is working hard to recover. They are running test that will try to explain the reaction to the platelets and we may have some answers tomorrow.

Lisa came to get the kids for me. She stopped in to say hi on the way and was there for all the action. Then she got the kids and took them home for us. I haven't even talked to Zach since this morning but they had tied one, and won 2 games.

Thank you so much for you prayers, and your encouragement all along the way. We are thankful for answered prayer, for God's continued watch care over Frank. And we are renewed with strength knowing this is almost over!

With love to you all, Peg and Frank

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