Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Tuesday!

Things are busy but good around our house... I'm happy to report that our house is probably just like yours right now. We love that...getting back to normal!

It's fall break for Chase, but not the others. He's been with his friends for the past few days hanging out. Zach's routine is the same... school and soccer. And Chandler's been sick since Sat. She was running fever and had some other stuff going on. She's going back to school tomorrow ~ we hope.

Even Casey (our dog) has a house guest... her buddy is here for the week. They're having fun.

Frank has managed to escape getting whatever she has. That's an answer to prayer. He had labs drawn Monday and they were almost exactly what they were last week. That's not bad ~ about status quo for him. We'd like to see his red count come up. That would give him more stamina. But he's really doing good.

Our church, Hope Presbyterian is having the Men's BBQ cookoff this Friday, and he's been planning and getting ready for that ever since he came home. It'll a big time for he and his friends. They always have fun.

Everyone have a safe and good fall break with your kiddos... Thank you for keeping in touch with us. And for praying for us. And for rejoicing with us over what God has done! "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again, I say rejoice." Phil 4:4

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Kim and Steve Weaver Will and Allison Hultman said...

Dear Carlton gang: you and your family are such an inspiration. Please know that you are constantly in our prayers!