Saturday, March 1, 2008

It is so pretty here today। Beautiful!! Frank and I got out and walked 1.5 miles today. He's
going to try and walk as much as he can. It helps keep you strong and muscles from losing tone.

We've had little things happen in the apt। Most of them we've tried to ignore, but the "list" is now long enough that finally went to the office. They were sweet about it. The biggest frustration is that we haven't had internet. (Well.... it's been hit or miss. We've been stealing broad band off someone near that is wireless and unsecured, but I think they got wise to us this morning.) The DSL wasn't suppose to get hooked up until yesterday, but then the modom was broken, and they said it would be another week! After talking to them today, a new modom should be waiting for us when we get home (we're at the hospital now), and new mattresses on Monday, (frank and i would roll and meet each other in the middle) and a new TV, and we already got a new set of dishes (we only had 2 dinner plates when we got here). Hopefully things will be better by the weekend.

Okay, just needed to vent! All that only leaves me with one thought: "There's not place like home!" But with all seriousness। We are thankful to be here. This is the best place we could be for Frank.

Frank and I are here at the hospital as I type। His port-a-cath is not working right. The chemo is going in okay, but the nurse can't get her blood sample. They may have to put TPA in it ~ it's like heparin but alot stronger.

Frank is feeling really good। Some fatigue, and a few other minor side effects from the Dex, but other than that, all is well. He's getting the "red man" syndrome. The Adriamycin is red and makes him look like he's been out by the pool all day. Funny thing is it actually makes him look healthy I think, rather than pale.

Chandler is on her way to Biloxi with my sister Lisa and Alexis। Lisa had an extra ticket to see Carrie Underwood concert. Not only are they on the 2nd row, they have back stage passes to meet her. I hope I have a picture to post. I am so excited for them. Frank may be turning red, but I'm as green as can be!!

I am trying to move us to a new website that is easier for me to manage. I don't know how to use HTML, which keeps me from doing things I want to.
I had to copy and paste EVERY entry from 2003 into the new blog site. Very tedious process and I've put all my spare time into it since last Sunday, but it's done now. I am trying to get help from Frank's tech guy to redirect the site so we can still have

The reflection was so good for me। I have relived 5 years in a week. It's a roller coaster of a ride ~ more on paper than we feel in real life. But it was such a testimony of God's watchcare and His provision over us over all these years. We are truly grateful for all He has done, and for knowing we don't walk this alone. Thank you.

S0, it all goes right, the website will look different in a few day। If it doesn't work, we'll have a new name. You can use it now:

Here's the important thing: Make comments at the end of the blog. Don't use the "guestbook". That will help out a lot in transferring info.
Love to you... Peg and Frank
Be strong and bold. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.
Deut. 31:6


Anonymous said...

oh, wow. It works! Hi there everybody.... love to you all. peg and frank

Sandy said...

Hi. Just testing...again to see if this 'oldie' can figure out the blog! love to all :)

Sandy said... worked...I signed 'Sandy' but may sign 'Nana' ...if they let me - are there "blogger police"?? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro ! Just chillin in Jamaica Mon!
Thinking of you and checking your stats on the computer.
Be Strong and I'll see you soon!
Lute and Kristy