Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Frank is doing great. He's definitely feeling the effects of the chemo now. He's sleeping most of the day and doesn't really want to eat anything. I'm talking him into eggs and pasta. Ramen noodles are his favorite.

Frank's family left this morning. We had a sweet visit with them. Chandler and Zach got back yesterday afternoon from Memphis. They left a little later waiting on the rain to clear up, but then they got stuck in a bad interstate wreck that delayed them an hour of so. We were happy to see Chase Friday night. The bus was passing through Little Rock and stopped here for dinner, so we just met them at the McDonalds and snatched him!! He had a great time in Colorado.

Frank's blood work is starting its usual, and expected decline. His platelets were 52 today, and he's going home with a potassium infuser again today. Everything else is stable.
Tomorrow's the big day. He'll receive his 5th bag of stem cells in the morning. He had 2 in 2003, 1 in 2006, and 2 for 2008.

We knew we were blessed and grateful for him to have had a good collection 5 years ago. But the big picture really comes into focus now that we're several years out. He'll have 2 bags left after this, and we are so thankful to still have those precious cells.

Have a wonderful Sunday. We'll see you again tomorrow!


Diane Davidson said...

I had asked Lisa for an update on you guys and she sent me to your website and told me to read the last week. God is amazing and merciful and you are so faithful. Thanks for sharing your journey with everyone. Keep fighting and you are all in my prayers.

Wright & Cindy said...

Y'all are blessing us with your faith. We will keep praying and you keep getting better.

Eli preached Sunday and did a wonderful job. Are y'all getting sermon tapes? We can send it over.

Lot's of love and great big hugs!!!!

Wright & Cindy