Monday, July 7, 2008

LATE NIGHT UPDATE FROM FRANK- As I lay in the bed tonight (1:15am), punching the remote, I came across a really neat TV channel ( The Worship Network ) and heard "It is well with my soul". Not only did the hymn comfort me, but much to my surprize many of the musicians were from my home church. The program was a recording of many great hymns of the faith and filmed at Hope Presbyterian Church. It makes me so proud to be a part of Hope. That was sooooooo cool!

Sorry we're so late posting. (earlier in the evening)

Frank and I got to the hospital for labs and then darted over to Dr. Barlogie's office to see him at 11. We got to talk to the sweetest family here from West Palm Beach. We both love moments like that.

Dr. Barlogie wanted to do another MRI. He said since Frank's counts are low right now, there is less hyperactivity going on in the marrow, and that would be a good time to get a look at the lesions and what they are doing now. Frank shared with him that he's still experiencing pain his back and rib area. We also asked about what his plans are for future treatment plans, etc. He said he didn't know yet. Frank went for an MRI tonight at 8:45 pm.

After seeing Dr. B. we went back over to 7c to see his labs and finish up there. We were so pleased that he didn't need platelets for the 2nd day in a row! They were 28 yesterday, 22 today. His white count also moved up today!! It's 0.04. That is all great news.

He was still running a little low grade fever today, and his CRP level jumped from 1.7 to 7, so they ran blood cultures on all his ports. He also got another bag of IV antibiotics. But he's not running fever tonight, so that's great too!

The highlight of our day was stopping by to see Deena, our sweet APN that usually follows us. She's been out of town, and is assigned to the bottom floor chemo room, so we don't have her this time. But she talked to us and was really encouraging. We both felt uplifted after being with her.

Thank you so much for your prayers for Frank and our family.

We are so very blessed. Peg


Anonymous said...

Apology accepted. Just don't let it happen again. ;>) And thanks for sending the rain along. The sun shone and it poured late yesterday. We're back into the summer cycle. A week of mid-90s is forecast. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that when that worship time was filmed months ago, that you would see it while not being able to sleep in LR? Just another example of God's grace and love for us. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey! So glad labs are better and hope that fever is coming down. Any MRI results yet? "It IS Well With MY Soul" is absolutely my favorite of all hymns; only wish I could get over that lump in my throat each time I try to sing it-never have been able to sing the whole thing. Rode this a.m. and ended up picking many tics (nasty creatures) off Tom and myself. Ron wonders why I don't do something sensible at my age like knitting, gardening, etc. Oh well--We are so grateful for the updates and check the computer often during the day. Love you guys, Pat and Ron

Anonymous said...

I also saw Bruce and co. singing on tv! I yelled out to the family to come see and then realized how late/early (however you look at it) it was. I thought it was soooo coooool! Oh and I gotta tell ya, I'm about to order that ShamWow. It's AMAZIN! Hope a terrific Tuesday is in store for all of you. Love, Sheri, Bobby and crew

Sandy said...

Hearing again of the worship channel reminded me of how God used that every night for weeks with was the only thing that calmed him...God is soooo good! We have that cd at church...I'll send it your way ASAP!! Love you all so and miss you terribly! Yo'Momma Joshua 1:9

Anonymous said...

You are such a sweet family! We are keeping you close in our hearts and everyday in our prayers.
Love, the Smiths

Anonymous said...

Great news re the MRI. Thank you, God. How are YOU feeling, Frank???? We are taking our laptop to Colo. but never know how it will work. If we can't connect, shall call you. Of course, you are always in our hearts and prayers no matter how far away we are. Love you! Pat and Ron