Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello everyone,

The Carlton's are patiently waiting to meet with Dr Barlogie on Friday to see what is in store
for us next.

While in Little Rock I bumped into some dear friends and fellow patient (Margaret) & Sam Martin.

After we had spent some time catching up on things she reminded me of something I had said to her a long time ago. It had really resonated with her, and in a strange way, it once again resonated with me too.

Since we were both waiting to speak with the Dr. to find out if we were 'alright!', Margaret recalled a conversation that we had. At some point in this walk I told her that often we ask God to give us clear answers or clear understanding about what we can expect next. Sometimes we are left wanting because we don't get those answers. It occurred to me that the reason we might not get those assurances is because God wants us to rely on Him daily.

I know in my own walk I am guilty of thinking that since all the BIG STUFF is taken care of I can revert back to auto pilot where I am in control. I'll call on God when I get back in a jam. It's not a conscious process, it just happens. I have to confess that I wind up in this mind set way to often and I have to ask for forgiveness for wanting those reigns.

Thank you Margaret for reminding me that each day, I need to reach upand grab hold of my heavenly Father's mighty hand.

We have so many friends going through some rough times. We are praying for YOU, but today I have a real burden for a family that is in the midst of "the battle". John & Candy are fighting hard today. Instead of praying for me, please, lift them up in the following ways:

John has asked for some very specific things, so please pray that God will show His mighty power leaving no doubt in the minds of those in attendance that they have witnessed a miracle.
Pray that it won't be necessary to remove as much of the bone as they have predicted.
Pray that John will make a miraculous recovery not suffering as they have told him he will.
Pray for strength and encouragement for Candy as she waits alone during the lengthy surgery.
Pray for their children as they wait for news.
Pray for wisdom and skill of the surgeons.
Pray they get every bit of the cancer so that John won't have to go through this again.
Pray that God calm their fears tonight.

More from the Carlton Gang later.........................Frank

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Sandy said...

Praise God for all that He has done and is doing in the lives of so many because of your faithfulness to His Word and promises. Love barely describes how I feel about all 'my children'... Hugs, kisses & always prayers...xoxox Nana