Monday, September 29, 2008

Switching gears....

We're home! Amazing.... exciting....fabulous.... we could go on and on about the trip.

Frank will post his favorite pictures and we will share more later, but for now, we are trying to shift gears quickly and ignore the jet lag. We were welcomed at the airport around 10:30 with mom and all 6 kids. It was wonderful to just hear their voices and be able to hug everyone. We got to bed around 1am after trying to stay awake all night on the plane. (some of us did better than others).

Frank has to be in Little Rock by noon today. We already have a new apt waiting on us. MRI, PET, MUGA, ECHO, Pulmonary function, labs.... we will hit the ground running.

We are ready to fight hard and kill some Myeloma this month! Love to all... peg

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Barbara said...

Peggy and Frank!!! So glad you're
back in the USA safe and sound with memories of a spectacular trip to feast on!!! Can't wait to see your pictures posted!! We are thinking about you as you enter this next battle. We are praying for each of you specifically. Frank and Peggy hug each other from me! Love, Barbara and Scott