Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chemo, day 1

Happy Tuesday!

On Friday we had not heard from insurance. Come to find out the entire transplant office was out for seminars. Glad no one needed anything important..... please excuse the sarcasm. It's been frustrating, but we are trying to stay positive.

We decided to go home for the weekend. It was so so good to be home. We visited with family and friends and saw my nephew Jimmy all laid up in his cast. He's having surgery today at 2, so please pray for him! But the highlight of the weekend was going to church on Sunday. Just being there, singing and having communion was just the medicine we both needed.

Chandler and Zach had a wonderful time on their Victory Ranch trip. It is so wonderful out there and the weather was great. But as Sunday came to a close, we all headed back to Little Rock.

Monday morning, as the kids and I had school, Frank headed to the hospital to see what he could get done. The transplant team of Humana is out of the office until Wednesday, so Frank signed papers to go ahead and get started. The fighting gloves are on the the bell has rung!

So, here we are! He is already asleep. The "B" of the BEAM + blah + blah blah.... is infusing over 2 hours, then the "A" and "E" after that. Another handful of pills by mouth and Day One will be over. He is very happy that a central line didn't need to be put in this time. They are using his port-a-cath. That makes things more comfortable for him.

Our favorite and wonderful APN Deena has charge over us and we are so blessed. She said this treatment will be tough. Frank said "Bring it on!" She called it the kitchen sink of chemo. Well, Frank and I like to cook.... maybe the kitchen sink is just what we need to do the trick!

We'll be updating daily, or close to it. Thank you for signing in and saying hi. It means so much!

Craig used this verse Sunday, and I've decided to memorize it: Romans 12:12 Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times. (TEV)

We love you all ~ thanks for caring so much for us! peg

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