Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello All......

Today (Thursday) was a long day. I arrived at UAMS at 5:45am in order to get started with a PET Scan that was to be used to determine the progress that I've made so far.

Well, this plan was quickly dropped when it was discovered that the chemo bag I was wearing was full of D5W (sugar water). So much for not eating to prepare for the scan.

So, on Friday I will arrive at UAMS at 5:15am to try again.

Friday will be an all day affair. PET scan, chemo drip switch out, and then a visit with Dr Barlogie in the afternoon. This will be the meeting where we get "the news" as to the progress we've made since we got started this past Tuesday.

Here's a little hint on the progress, the egg sized knot on the back of my head is gone! That is progress my friends. Thank you for your prayers and for keeping tabs on us.

More as soon as we know....

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Anonymous said...

i am praying that ya'll get good news from the doctor today.