Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Monday - our 5th Monday here, and hopefully our last for a while. We are hoping we can go home after the appointment on Thursday and be home for the weekend. That would be nice!

Yesterday was such a relaxing day. Frank got up early and went to get his shot, and was able to get back in time for us to go to church. The Ray's picked us up and we went with them. Our spirits were recharged and it was wonderful to worship together. Afterwards, we had a great lunch and then went fishing! The boys were able to catch serveral big catfish, and one tiny winnie one before we had to rush back.

It was great to have the kids back. They all had a very productive weekend at home. Chandler continued her training with a 10 mile run on Sat with Kristy. Zach's LOBOS team won the tournament they played this weekend. We're sorry we missed it, but are so proud of all of them. And Chase went camping and dirt bike riding with the Gormans in Brownsville and had a lot of fun. Thank you mom for always being there for us and helping the weekend go smoothly!

We got to the Apheresis unit today at 7. I'm glad he's sleeping, waiting on them to get started. His pain meds didn't agree with him this morning. Still and quiet is good right now. Our nurse told us that Saturday's count came in at 1.1 million. It think that is just wonderful. She said that was a reasonable goal, but might be hard to do...... and of course.... are we shocked at all? :)


Sandy Brody aka Nana said...

Never surprised at God! Thinking 'catfish' makes me anxious for our next trip to Rossville!! Hurry home so we can celebrate! Frank, tell me where to purchase 'BillyBob teeth' and I'll run right to the store for you!
"Our grateful eyes see God's grace and glory everywhere". Love, prayers, hugs & kisses. xoxox

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! God really does never cease to amaze us does He? Praying that you will be sleeping in your own bed on Thursday night. That would be wonderful!!!! Love you all.