Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yep, you're in the right place.... the site looks different I know. People watching in the waiting room has gotten boring, so I grabbed the computer and started playing around.

After his platelets this morning, he got the bump to 51. That's what I call living on the edge! They have to be 50 to do the procedure. After we talked to the staff in radiology, we found out he's having several of the vertebrae done, not just the one at T5. And because they are doing so many, he needs to come back to tomorrow. They can't do them all in the same day.

It's about 4 pm and Frank is still in the recovery area. He has to lay flat on his back for 2 hours so the cement will harden. I'm sitting here beside him giving him peanut butter, crackers and Dr. Pepper. Then he drifts off, which is good cause laying still cannot be that easy. The time will pass more quickly if he's sleeping. It was done on IV sedation and he said it was nowhere near the discomfort of a bone marrow biopsy. He said it didn't hurt. I am so glad of that.

He is craving The American Burger Co. He said he will eat all he can before round 2 tomorrow.

We are so encouraged. The nurses here said a lot of people that get these feel immediate relief from back pain. They ended up starting at T4, saying he had a fracture there. All that area is higher in the back inbetween the shoulder blades, which is where most of his pain is. Oh, I hope and pray this the relief he needs to be pain free. That would be wonderful news!

Ooo.. they are here to get him up. More later


Barbara & Scott said...

Frank, so glad the verteplasty is behind you and so hope you do get the pain relief you want and need!!
Love and prayers from Barbara & Scott

Sharon Avery-Fields said...

Hello Peggy, God knows how to give us just what we need, 51 Wow!! Make sure you get him that American Burger he wants. Take care.

Peace and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Great news!! Praying for relief from the pain and more good news! (if you threw some m&m's in with the peanut butter crackers and dr. Pepper you would have created the worlds most perfect snack! Haha) love the new look of the site! Sheri & fam

Anonymous said...

Dear Frank and Peggy,
I pray that our heavenly Father continues to shower you with love, peace, and strength every day.

You are loved and I am praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Peg, I am so proud of your amazing computer skills and the new look of the site! It looks great! We are so thankful that the verteplasty is over and praying that the pain is subsiding! Love you guys!
Lou & Allen