Friday, January 30, 2009

Yes yes yes, we are home.

Thursday at UAMS was promising to be a long day. They always are on clinic days. My dad had a rough night on Wed and I was so anxious to get home to he, momma, Lisa and my family.

We shared our family situation to Deena and within minutes things were in motion for us to get out of there. Frank got Invanz, platelets, and Dr. Barlogie said we could skip our discharge meeting with him. We got our cd copies from radiology, and a weeks worth of IV Invanz for me to administer to Frank from home.

UAMS is wonderful and we love them so so much. But we thank God for working through each one of them to meet our needs, big and small. Frank's physical needs, my emotional needs.... God knows it all.

While all this was going on, the kids had packed the car and we were ready to hit the road within 30 minutes of getting back to the hotel.

After dinner I went to see my daddy. I wasn't prepared for the unloading I did on his shoulder when I saw him. I have been holding everything in all week. Bottled up stuff is a specialty of mine these days. I took one look at him and lost it. Which of course, if you know my mother, made her lose it too. And if you know my dad, I got the calm reassuring pat on the back as I cried, "Now now, we'll get through this".

He is still very sick and it's complicated. I could go on and on about oncology from a caregivers perspective, but I don't know much about cardiology from any perspective. RN or not. As I've mentioned before, it's a lot of heart and lung issues working together. He now has Cough Syncope, which means he faints when he coughs ~ which he does a lot from the pneumonia.

I've had many texts and emails asking for an update about my dad, and we thank you for your concern for him as well. Please pray for him and for momma. She won't take her eye off him for a minute. She is tired and worried.

Frank is doing well today. Being home always gives him a special boost. We got up early to go to hospital and get labs drawn. They came back and said his platelets were 75. How many have stopped to reread that??? No way we said, including the doctor. They were 12 yesterday. They got a new sample and they came back 57. That much of a change in 1 hour? Still fishy. Doctor thinks so too. We don't know enough to wonder where the problem may be. We've never actually seen anyone count platelets. Our doctor doubted a platelet count a few weeks ago from the same facility. But anyway, we left and ran errands, visited daddy and went home. Frank even ran an errand tonight with Zach without the walker.

It was a good day for him and we are thankful and grateful and most humbled by the love and prayers you have shown for us. Good night.... from our home.


Barbara & Scott said...

Thank you for the update on both Frank and your Dad. Love & prayers, Barbara & Scott

Anonymous said...

Love and hugs prayers and so much more from the Stamp Family--chris,carl, taylor and Nathan

Judy (MommyDog) said...

Just stopping by to say hello and to let you know I'm still praying for all of you guys. I don't get by here as often as I should, but the feelings are still the same. Much love to all of you.

Frank - why do we always pull for the underdogs? LOL Much luv my Bulldog friend :)

Anonymous said...

Frank and Peggy-so glad you're home! The platelet count was very interesting.... We are praying for healing, freedom from pain, and enjoying good times every day!
Much love to you all,
Karen and Dave