Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Hey Everyone….this is Frank…….Today was a good day.We spent the day meeting with different staff members to review treatment protocols, learning about our responsibilities for reporting over the next few weeks, asking questions about my diagnostic report, and Peggy even taught me how to give myself a shot.The ability to give myself a shot will come in handy. I also found out that I’ll be giving myself shots for long, long time.

Some of you know, but some do not know that in my business life I spend a good deal of time in healthcare businesses. I have sometimes wondered why ‘older’ people cannot keep up with their medications. Well count me in the ‘older’ crowd. I have so many pills, shots, chemo, preventative procedures, urine collections, and blood samples to turn in that this whole treatment business gets very confusing.

Thank God for Peggy. She is of course much more organized than I am and has a much better handle on things. I sometimes think that if I were alone in these meetings, the clinical people would want to strangle me for obsessing on what are probably simple procedures. Peg’s being a nurse smoothes things out.Doing all this is a lot like going back to college. You have to learn a new language, everyone hands you books to read, we are always filling out forms, there are all these professors (clinicians) that you meet, there’s a cafeteria with OK food (watch out for the tacos), and finally there are the students (patients).

Out of everyone, hanging out with the upper classmen is becoming my favorite. They tell you what is real and what is hospital precautionary BS, and who to REALLY listen to. They’ve walked in my shoes before me, so I’m all ears.

If you’re ever in Little Rock and want a great and reasonable place to eat, go to the Purple Cow. They are kind of like a cross between Johnny Rockets & Huey’s. It offers great food, great desserts, and a fun atmosphere but more family oriented.

Well the prayer request list is still the same…pray for pain relief on my Wed marrow test, pray for a marrow match with my sister, and pray for the Chromosome 13 test to come back normal. An abnormal result makes things much harder to treat.We love you all, and the message board is really cool……I think Peggy mentioned this before, but if you have a really long message to send just email it (our addresses are at the top and bottom of this page.)

Frank and Peggy……..XOXOXOXO

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