Wednesday, April 23, 2003

These past two days have been full of up’s and down’s. I had come back to Little Rock for what I thought was a series of standard tests and my plan was to return to Memphis for another round of chemotherapy.

Well the first part of the plan went as scheduled, all the tests came back with positive results, cancer still being held at bay, bone marrow is normal, all vitals look good, and my bald head is still turning heads with the nursing staff. Plans are still for my 1st stem cell transplant in June.

Additionally, it appears that my last visit must have left quite an impression on the registration staff. When I first walked in one of the ladies looked up and gave me a great big smile. I asked, “Do you remember me” thinking that she remembered my charm and charisma. She replied, “Yes, yes I do, you’re that stem cell guy, the one with 40 million in one day”I always knew I would be famous one day, just never knew for what. Now I know, from now on, my name is Mister Stem Cell.

The second part of my plan did not go as I had anticipated. I had thought that I would be coming back to Memphis and starting chemo on Monday the 28th. Dr Barlogie decided that I should start immediately. I have had a slight problem with my esophagus with the last round of medications and he wanted me to get on the current chemo ASAP, and under his supervision. I tried to respectfully disagree with him, but he was very firm with his recommendation. What can one do; I marched downstairs and got plugged up to my “mini me” chemo bag.Of course the majority of the day was spent waiting on each appointment.

Since I had time to think, I started reflecting on the thought that if my plans were not coming to fruition the way I wanted them to, then did that mean God had something else in mind for me.

Guess what, God immediately placed a few things in front of me that I knew I had to do.There was an elderly couple sitting next to me in the lobby waiting their turn to see their Doc. We struck up a conversation and after a few minutes I could tell things were not going well for them. He had been trying to collect stem cells for over a week and just could not get enough. They were frightened and a bit worried so instead of just wishing them well, I asked them if they would like to pray.So we did. Right there in the lobby of the cancer waiting room in front of 25 or so sick folks, we lifted up the name of Jesus and asked for better results in treatment, for comfort no matter what, and for His peace. I did not see them after that but; I know the sincere interest in their well being warmed their hearts.Immediately after that I turned to my left where I met an elderly woman who was waiting alone. I could see in her face the same look of despair so I asked her if she would like to pray too. She said she sure would, so we broke down and prayed the same things.

It was very moving to me and as I have said from the beginning, my hope is that I will bring glory to God through this trial. Yes I want to be healed, but more importantly than that I want to stand before my maker with a smile, knowing that I was obedient to him while I’m on this earth.John 14:21 He who has my commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves me; and he who loves ME shall be loved by my Father and I will love him and will disclose myself to him.

Until next time !Frank

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