Saturday, April 26, 2003

Finally we're home!...once again.Chemotheraphy for the week went as usual, tube in chest, bag on hip, lot's of time to think, nothing on TV, and not even a good war to follow these days. I did finish a good book called "Band of Brothers" by Steven Ambrose. If you're into WWII history, then it's a great read.

I am very thankful for my helpers,...Sandy, mom, Peggy, I could not stay focused without out you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SANDY, She is 29 again, (too)

If you are willing, we have a few new prayer requests: That God would heal my GI tract so that I can tolerate the next round of Chemo with no complications;
That God would use the next round of Chemo & Transplant to put me into complete remission (June);
That God would protect our family, physically and emotionally, through this next phase.

By the way, I am officially finished with Phase 1 of my treatments. Phase 2 are the transplants, then I'll be on maintenance.

To all of you that are keeping us in your prayers, I thank you !
Praise God for your faithfulness.

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