Saturday, May 3, 2003

Hi everybody, it's Peggy. Frank and I have had an incredible few days. I have so much I want to share, but sometimes it's hard for me to get it out in words...

Frank's sister, Neely was here with her husband Dave and their baby girl, Marissa. Newborn babies are just such miracles to behold! Seeing her brought a flood of feelings for me. Joy for their family and all they have to experience with her, and memories of our own family: places we've already been and how precious that time is and, of course, how fast the time passes.

But looking at her precious face was very calming. It reminded me of how much God loves us, and keeps us, and provides for us. Not just as a baby, but every day. We have felt that fatherly provision from God so strong through this. It is so amazing and humbling and awesome to see God work in such a real and tangible way. It blows us away........It gives me the strength and faith to continue to trust Him for every detail of our life.

What I've been trying to do lately is thank Him more for where we are, and trust that the final outcome of any hard time is that we are being perfected and molded to be more like Him.
Frank is doing great. His blood levels are coming back up from the chemo. And we are enjoying being home.

We return the last part of May for the transplant, and have some specific things we are praying for. Frank continues to have some GI systems. Nothing serious, but annoying for him. Please pray that God would prepare His body to handle this next phase and heal anything going on that would cause complications. Please pray as the Lord leads you for all the different aspects of being away from home. The safety and emotions of the children as they are with us and away for some of the time. The protection of Frank emotionally and physically.

Chandler and I are leaving for St. Louis on a school trip tomorrow. Please pray for a sweet time of fellowship with "just the girls", and for safety.

Frank and I thank God all the time for each one of you, and for the way He has used His people to be His hands and feet and angels over us.

May God bless each one of you! Until next time...

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