Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Hello!! We're singing praises today for more answered prayer!

Frank's blood work for his myeloma markers came back with a new low ~ 0.3. Not only was this a new low for him, his levels stayed at 0.4 for 4 weeks before the drop. This was also a first Praise the Lord!!

The goal is for that level to be zero, but if the numbers stay low, and consistantly stay down, the doctors will say Frank is in remission. We are so very thankful that this is on the horizon.

Our break from Little Rock has been great. We've been so busy with the children The end of the school year makes May so busy ~ and fun. Frank went with Zach to dissect a fetal pig while I went out of town with Chandler. The boys shared all their details with us at the dinner table.....over much fun!!

Frank's appointments for Little Rock begin next week. Please keep praying for this next phase of treatment. God has been so faithful to us. He is there and meets every need. To Him be the glory!

The new picture was taken during the stem cell collection April 10. Ain't he a cutie??
Love, Peggy

Hello all, yes these past two weeks have been wonderful. I've been Mr. Normal doing all the things that we all do everyday. From picking up car pool to spreading fertilizer on the lawn, man it feels good to do that stuff.

One caveat, I still have not cleaned out the attic. That would be abnormal activity, of which I am still not ready to tackle.

God Bless You All!

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