Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Good morning! We've had a full 3 days. It's hard to believe we've been here as long as we have. We miss our house, dog and cat. (I miss the dog more, but don't tell anyone...especially Chandler).

Sunday, Frank's levels had dropped to a new low. His white count was 0.01 and his platelets got done to14. He got a bag of platelets and some IV fluid at the hospital. He ran fever the night before, so we started IV antibiotics right away. He also had pain in his chest. They did 2 x-rays and the doctor came to see him but they couldn't find any reason for his pain. We were very thankful it wasn't fluid on his lungs or anything else.

When we went to the doctor Monday, they told him his counts had doubled! We were so thrilled! And then they told us his levels went from 0.01 to 0.02. This is how mentally challenged we are here. They were teasing us all along and we're packing our bags ready to come home!!

Yesterday his count was 0.03. Frank and I have made a game out of trying to guess what the next lab value will show. So far, we are both losing. His other counts are still dropping, so it's just a waiting game. Frank's challenge was to beat the record and get out of here by 11 days. He's missed it, but I think God is totally in control.

We have met so many people here this time. We have 2 apartments this time - the kids have been in one with g-parents, but the apartments are not next to each other. One is the front while the other's in the back. We have all walked a path going back and forth so many times. Late last night, I was headed over to see the kids and ran into our neighbor - new patient, recent widow. He was feeling really down and hopeless. Mom and I were able to talk to him and encourage him in the Lord and pray for him. Walking away from moments like that strengthen me so much.

The night before we heard music from the building next door and thought it was the radio. Turns out it was 3 teenage girls playing the guitar and singing praise music outside the apt. They had just met that day, and both had mothers with Myeloma.

Frank is still on the antibiotics and all we have to do now is wait until the white counts get to 2.0. We are getting there - one day at a time. His pain is better but he's still running a fever. His spirits are good. He got up this morning and made himself eggs and biscuits with apple jelly! That's pretty good!!

The kids have been here since Sunday and Mom is here this week with us. We've enjoyed swimming and playing with them. I feel so very blessed that I have been able to be with kids both last week and this week. It's a gift we've been given by both our parents and we are so thankful.

We continue to thank God for the prayers that are being lifted up for Frank and our family. We feel His presence and see evidence of His grace daily. Our God is an awesome God!


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