Sunday, June 8, 2003

Good morning to everyone! I pray that this day has brought a special blessing from the Lord to each of you.

Peggy and I have been hanging tough over here. There haven't been a lot of things to post, so we haven't. Each day is filled with waiting on my blood counts to rise or fall, depending on the date after transplant. Yesterday my white blood count was 0.03, which is not good if you're healthy, but desirable for now in the process.

When you are cooped up as much a we are there isn't a lot to do. My platelet count is 28, so Peggy won't let me run with scissors. That leaves watching TV, which I had done much of.

The highlight for TV this week was the Dateline special about the Tampa, Florida news reporter that has Leukemia. He has 2 small children. It was a faith story of how his faith, and the miracle of a bone marrow donor put him remission. Peggy and I kept exchanging looks as we found so many similar aspects of our story. So many people were praying for them. Like you are doing for us. We thank the Lord for each of you.

Please keep us lifted up. I have started running a fever and having abdominal cramps. We hooked up the IV antibiotic at midnight and called in this morning. These things need to be dealt with, so I am headed back the hospital on what was once my "day off". Also, travel mercies for both our family as the changing of the guard occurs. The kids are coming back to Little Rock today.

We'll keep you posted! Have a Blessed Day!

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