Wednesday, June 4, 2003


It is amazing to me that in the midst of the hardest thing we've ever had to face, we can still have such joy. I know with all my heart that joy is from the Holy Spirit. It's nothing we've done. It's a gift. A wonderful, precious, underserved gift. And I am so thankful.

Frank and I have been going to the hospital daily for lab work. Car rides are no fun for Frank. (I'll just leave it at that.) His levels are dropping a little bit, but they're only beginning to fall. His side effects from the chemo are increasing with each day, but he is taking it in stride. Time just won't go fast enough for him. He's "resting" so much and says he's bored. I know that must make the days go by slowly. But his spirits still seem good.

Frank's parents and the kids are still here. They all leave tomorrow for Greenville. Even though Frank is sleeping and resting a lot, he says it's a comfort to hear us all in the other room. That's a great feeling. It has been wonderful to have the kids here. We've had fun swimming and riding around the complex with their skateboards. They even play backgammon with daddy when he's awake. Having us together as much as possible has been very important to me and I feel grateful that that has happened.

Frank and I will be here together for the weekend, and then the kids come back for another week here with Nana. We are praying we'll be able to go home next week where he can finish recovering in his own bed.

We are praying specifically that the side effects will remain minimal...or just go away all together! That he'll remain free from infection. That this transplant will put him in remission! Safety for the kids and travel mercies on them. And that God would continue to be glorified in all we say and do. We talk to many patients every day and pray that we would be sensitive to any opportunity the Lord may put before us.

May your day be filled with ...JOY......................with love, Peggy

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