Sunday, June 1, 2003

Happy Sunday to everyone.

Friday's transplant went very well. The nurse walked in with the - might I say - very little bag of stem cells. 5.5 million cells in that tiny little bag Frank is holding in the picture above. The infusion was over in 4 minutes! The nurse said that all he's been through got us up to this point, and it would be over in 5 minutes. She was right.

Frank has been sleeping more and more. The change has been gradual, but you can see the chemicals slowly doing their thing. He did some walking Friday and Saturday, but not today. His tummy is upset and he's fighting off the nausea as best he can.

The kids are here in Little Rock now. We met mom in Forrest City for the switch. It was great to hug and kiss on them! Frank's parents are coming tomorrow to help me with them and visit with us. I'm looking forward to a great week.

Thanks for all for your continued prayer and encouragement of us. Frank and I pray that each one of you are just as encouraged and growing in faith as you've seen YOUR prayers answered. We are in awe of the mystery of the body of Christ, and power of prayer. Our God is an awesome God.

We are praying that God would protect Frank from infection, have minimal side effects and no complications that would slow down this process.

Because of His great love for us,

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