Friday, July 11, 2003

After testing for a few days in Little Rock, we saw the doctor yesterday. He told us Frank was still in remission! Praise God!!

Chase tells his friends that "his dad got intermission", and so we thank God for dad's intermission, too. Frank got a treatment today at West Clinic. But other than blood work, he's free until the first week of August.

Dr. B said he wanted to do the next transplant in the second week of August. After the look on both our faces, he asked what was wrong with the second week of August. "It's only the first day of school", we reply, "no biggie". So he made a deal with Frank. He comes back/goes back ( we don't whether we're coming or going anymore ) for a PET scan Aug. 5. If it's clean, he can wait till September for transplant - Frank's preferred time. But if anything comes up on the scan, he'll proceed with transplant then.

Knowing how many people are praying for us continues to be a huge source of encouragment for us. We have been so blessed by the children that pray for Mr. Frank lately. Several times this past week, we've run into children that come up and ask me how Mr. Frank is doing. When I tell them he's doing great and in remission, it's such a joy to watch their reaction. Some jump up and down clapping, others hug us and some give a "cool" gesture. I've played out these encounters over and over again, and I just can't help but smile. What a neat example they are for me, and what a tribute to their parents.

Enjoy the summer! Frank and I are just going to hang out with the kids and celebrate "Intermission".

We'll be in touch......and we thank God for you all. Peg

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