Friday, September 26, 2003

Finally the Medical Establishment confirms what I've been telling them for a long time: I am officially the healthiest sick man in America.

The great staff of UAMS threw test after test at me this week and I passed them all with flying colors. I've been studying really hard these past few months. I was bound and determined to do well. The studying paid off. I am still in remission, my bones and organs are healthy, and the lesions that the cancer created are showing signs of repair.

Dr Barlogie gave me the green light to continue with the next step of treatment, which is high dose chemo, then stem cell replacement. This is my second transplant, and hopefully the last one for a long, long time.

The fun starts this weekend and by Tuesday I'll be catatonic. I have as my goal to set the new world record for immune system recovery. The current record is 12 days and was set by French immigrant farm worker back in 1982. I have to beat that Frenchman's record. It is a matter of national pride.

Since I've been here I have had the opportunity to meet two newly diagnosed patients. They had the same fear in their eyes and trembling of voice that I had when I first arrived. It was really neat to be able to comfort and encourage them.

If you have just a moment please lift Gary and Debra up in prayer. They need the comfort and peace that only God can bring.

That's all for now!


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