Thursday, September 4, 2003

Happy September everybody ~ hope you all had a good weekend.

Things are hopping at the Carlton house. We have a contract on our house. As some of you know, we've had the house on/off the market for about 2 years. Frank said when he was in remission, we'd try again.
However, finding a house has been a challenge. Our priorities have changed in what we are looking for, which has made the process more tedious than I'd imagined. And then of course I have the "garage sale theory". You know how it goes: stuff sits around your house and you think you don't want it. You put in the garage sale for a buck. Then someone picks it up and thinks they want it, and all of the sudden you change your mind. "I think I'll keep it - I know exactly what to do with it." I think I feel that way about my house. Now that I have to leave ~ it's never looked better!

Frank's birthday is coming up on September 11. And he'll be leaving for the transplant on Sept 22. His parents will be with them that week, while I stay here and close on the house and move. Could he have planned that any better, or what??

The kids are doing great. Chandler is adjusting to middle school, and the boys enjoy their classes too. Chase is trying gymnastics this year, Zach is playing soccer and the drums (not at the same time), and Chandler is in her 4th year of piano.

Frank is excited about work and a new product line they are trying to get going. I think leaving for a month will be harder this time for that reason. The doctors say that the second transplant is supposed to be easier than the first. That's encouraging. His body hasn't had chemo since May 29. When he got the 1st transplant, he'd been getting chemo every 5 weeks. Since the body has had a rest, it should be easier. Let's pray for that!

Thanks for keeping up with us, and for your continued support of our family. It means so very much to us. Email us and let us know how YOU are doing!!

A new picture on the way.................
So grateful for my forgiveness today, aren't you?
Love, Peggy

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